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Ultimate PE mix, or overkill?


Originally Posted by dawgbone3333
Yes you have to be careful in what you take. I ordered some tribulus in raw form and was about to go ahead with it until I read that unless you hav low testosterone, you shouldnt take it. If your testosterone levels are fine, it will increase estrogen. Your smart to have stopped, some guys get boobs!

Dont just take a bunch of stuff cuz it is supposed to help you sexually. Some of this stuff is supposed to help older men with low testosterone. Read up before taking any supplements, you can do some bad shit to yourself. I will be posting a 3 month test of herbs made into tea. These include Korean ginseng, Maca, Horny goat weed, Muira pauma, catuaba, and ginkgo. Have about 2 more weeks to go but will post the 3 month results when done.

Thanks for your input. I began this regime, because I’ve begun a serious strength and stamina program with my brother, and Nick, a friend of my brother suggested these sups, and since my older brother was on them for 2 months with great benefits, I decided to give them a shot. Everything was fine, and I did see all the same results he did, but I lost my EQ so I stopped taking everything. Now Things are fine, I got the extra energy I wanted, and the increased blood flow ( that’s why I thought it would help with PE).

Thanks for your concern, Zerone

Originally Posted by UpTo7
All of those supplements cost a shitload of money, yet none of them will help with growing dick, only improving erection. You’re too young to be paying that much money for EQ supplements, i.e. if you can’t get 10/10 without those, you should find the source of the problem instead of curing it with supplements.

All of these supplements only cost me about $15 ($10 if you subtract shipping). PE was not the main focus and reason for my taking these pills. I just knew that better circulation may be a result, so I reasoned that with increased blood flow, girth work may be a little easier. The main goal with these supplements was to aid me in my new workout regime. They do help, minus the tribulus.

I don’t have an EQ problem, and that was how I knew something was wrong. I don’t masturbate, don’t watch porn, don’t, drink or smoke, very rarely eat foods that are too fatty, and haven’t engaged in any sexual activity in almost 4 months; because of those factors, my EQ is usually an 11\10 it was only after a week or two of the tribulus that my EQ dropped, so I knew to put the brakes on. Again, I’m fine now, I just had an interesting reaction to the tribulus, but thanks for your advice.

Cycling off the supplements for now, Zerone

I used to take a supplement called Excite, made by a company called Dymatize. It worked very well for making my erections harder, and was very cheap. Usually you can get it for about $10-15. It has a lot of the ingredients listed above, some in lower amounts, but the supplement DID work well for me. I’m in no way connected to their company, but I have been a customer for a few years and have used several of their products.

I’ve taken a lot of supps in the past, my only concerns are:

If you stack too much it’ll begin to take its toll on your liver (i’ve experienced this first hand)

In a lot of cases if you were serious about long-term supplementation: standardised, bulk powders are a far superior route to take.

I use this site:

PureBulk, Inc - Pure Bulk Supplements & Nutrition Powders

I’ve made great muscle gains over the years, using only whey protein and plenty of rest, in addition to weight lifting of course.

How much trib were you taking all together? Reason I’m asking is because you would need to be taking about 2-3 grams a day to produce any form of HPTA. I’ve never read of trib shutting anyone down over small amount daily. The most common side with taking massive amounts of “pure” trib is gyno. Trib doesn’t produce test but it rather helps your body optimize free test and at your age I doubt you would see any benefits of trib due to your body already producing natural test at a high/normal range (300ng/LG - 1000ng/LG). Trib taken in massive amounts over an extended period of time will elevate estrodial count aswell, hence gyno. Km just asking to see if maybe one of the other supps you were taking is causing a drop in natural test. What was your test count when the blood work came back?

the old saying goes as “If it isnt broke, dont try fixin it.” I also agree that your too young to worry about Supps for PE. Stick with with the excersizes. That is your best bet.

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"


Thanks for mentioning swansons, looks like a great place to get supps cheap and quality. I think ill pm for some discounts :p


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