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What about Levitra?

What about Levitra?

I haven’t read a lot of discussion about Levitra. How does that compare to V and C?

That is a good question. And you’re right, I haven’t heard it discussed at all (but maybe I just missed those threads).

I am trying to find out the pros and cons of V and C in this thread, but I would like to know about Levitra as well, now that you bring it up.

I found this on Levitra, but the only thing I got out of it was that it should be taken 60min before sexual activity.

Then I found this on WedMD. What I was really looking for was how long it was effective. According to the link, Levitra lasts for 16hrs, compared to 4hrs for V, and 36hrs officially in product info but days according to some users.

Feedback from actual users would be greatly appreciated, if there are any on the site.

I was wondering, because I have some Levitra. I haven’t taken it yet. I also ordered some Liquid C. I was curious to know if anyone has stacked them.

Although it works much like V does on me from a sexual point of view and seems to have more longevity than V, Levitra causes a great deal of stomach upset in my case, so much so that I can’t tolerate it. This is not so with all other users so don’t be put off by what my experience has been.



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