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What if you could design your own supplement?

What if you could design your own supplement?

There is a website I found recently ( who will make a custom herbal supplement. Given that thier ingredients are of a high quality - which remains to be seen - I was thinking that it might be beneficial to us PE people.

What, and how much of what would you put in? Would you just make an imitation of an existing pill? Let’s design the perfect pill here.

They don’t advertise thier custom supplement deal on the site, but the owner has assured me that they would do it for a minimum order of 600 capsules.


As a current weight-lifter and soon-to-be PEer, I find this prospect very interesting =)

Given the versatility of such an approach, I don’t think we could come to a concensus on one perfect supplement, since the possibility of an individually-tailored supplement is right there!

I hope that place does well, as I’d like to consult them once I hit the “Full Effect” phase of my PE (re: my Starting Out Right post in the newbie forum). Thanks for sharing.


You can & should design your own suppliments!
Theres nothing you can get that the earth cant heal you.

Im not trying to endorse any products here. But from experience of using & experimenting with different herbs I feel they can change your health from bad to good.

But unless you know more about what your taking & what it does. You are basically throwing your money away!
I say this for several reasons.

Theres no secret herb or combination of herbs that only one guy knows about & holds the secret formula to whatever he might claim.

Also even if you do know a winning combination of herbs that work synergistically together. If they are not prepared & taken in the best way that enhances that particular herbs potental health benifits your still throwing your money away! some herbs are no good unless taken fresh. Some are better when prepared in a certain way!

The only way you are going to find out about herbs & what you want & need is to do it the hard way. Learn about them, Try them & See for yourself cause everybodys different& then see if it made a difference in your health.

Actually we gave up on our health analysis of our own bodies a long time ago to Doctors> Doctors are great with the exception that they never cure whats wrong with you! They only treat your symptoms.

Doctors cant cure a common cold! In my lifetime there has never ever been 1 disease that a cure has been found for. Before I was born supposedy a few diseases were cured.
Polio, Tuberculosis,Small Pox, just to name a few. But that was before Doctors knew how profitable Disease is.

I know all this because in 1996 I was told by a team of Heart Docs if I did not get a heart transplant I would not live.

I took over on my health & I never got a heart transplant & I dont have heart trouble or take any meds for that condition either.
I learned a whole lot about health & actually what I can do about it.

I had nothing to lose so I tried a lot of things & basically cheyenne pepper taken along with garlic oil at mealtimes is what changed me from needing a Heart Transplant to not having heart trouble. I know exactly why it works to. Any brand will do.

Doctors used to be paid when you were well in China not when you were sick! If a Doctor had a patient die a lanturn was hung outside his office. A Doc with a lot of lanturns did not have many patients.

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