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Wheat Grass Juice?

Wheat Grass Juice?

Anyone ever take it? Does it aste good or nasty? Is it expensive? I saw an article that it is good for colitis which I suffer from.

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Wheatgrass juice popped up a few years back, being toted by a lady named Ann Wigmore. She had some crazy claims about it, and it’s hype seems to have fizzled out. When it comes down to it, it’s basically drinking liquid grass.

Now, on the other hand, there’s various “green” mixtures out there; for a few years, I was taking a mixture made by Nu-Life; seems I can’t remember the exact name right now. Tasted ok, they came out with an apple-banana flavor (better than the traditional grass-clipping flavor). Seems to be bursting with nutritional value. Did it do anything for me? I have no idea. I no longer spend the 30 bucks a month, and feel pretty much the same. If you have a hard time getting a decent amount of vegetables in your diet, try it.

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Personally, I think straight wheatgrass juice tastes like ass. But I’ve had the banana flavored stuff and it tasted pretty alright.

Like any of the “green” juices, drink more than little and you’ll be in the bathroom quick! Takes a few weeks for your system to get used to it.

I tried it for about two months a few years back. It didn’t give the incredible health benefits or energy kicks that I’d heard about. I suspect these claims come from people who either 1) Didn’t take stimulants or 2) Had such unhealthy lifestyles that anything healthy would make them feel better.

I take stimulants (coffee) and am already healthy. But I will say that it made bathroom visits more frequent and enjoyable (important if you’re into a high protein diet).

IMO, if you already drink coffee, have a fairly healthy lifestyle, and have a low to moderate protein intake then there’s no point bothering with wheatgrass juice.

On the other hand, it is quite nutritional and I know some people don’t believe in synthetic vitamins and similar supplements. If that’s the case, then any of the green-drinks will be a good way to get your extra vitamins and minerals. Just don’t expect magical health benefits.

Vitamin and mineral supplementation is a foundational, daily activity whose benefits take a long time to become apparent. You probably won’t notice anything at all until 15 years from now when all your friends are fat and tired and you’re not because you took care of yourself.

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Spirulina is a dark-green powder you can mix in a liquid. Tastes like absolute shit, I still gag sometimes thinking about it. It is supposed to be good for the immune system and has other antioxidant benefits. I felt energized when on it, possible placebo effect, but never got more when I ran out. Dammit, can’t I stick to anything.

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I worked at a juice bar and what I was told and I believe is close to true is that 6 ounces of wheat grass has the same amount of nutrients as a week worth of vegetables.

This sounds great except the fact that your body will only use a days worth of nutrients from those 6 ounces and the rest will come out your piss as waste.

And yes it is true, it does taste like ass. When I started working at the juice bar, drinking a 4 ouncer of wheat grass was our “ignitiation” thing to do, cause it really tasted that bad. Of course, if you’ve got a smoothie in the other hand its not bad, but straight up is gross.

Thats all I know about wheat grass, it is definetly good for you, because it has nutrients in it. But I dont think its different than taking a vitamin, except the fact that it is all natural.

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I think I read about a few people putting wheatgrass on their head trying to grow hair. I find it impossible to believe that any kind of grass would be so much more nutritious, if at all, than any other vegetable.

>I think I read about a few people putting wheatgrass on their head trying to grow hair.

Ah, Chia Pet syndrome.

Hey Twat,

I onced belonged to an mlm company that markets blue green algae. I now buy the stuff at my local health food store. There it’s called Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae. $24.95 for a bottle of 120 (500 mg) tabs. You don’t really taste is since it’s in pill form. I’ve been taking it for over 5 years now and I never get more than a cold maybe once or sometimes twice a year. There’s a lot of info on the website Many people claim it’s cured a variety of ills.


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