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Why do I cum quicker WITH a condom??

Why do I cum quicker WITH a condom??

Bareback I can last a looonnng time, but when I wear a condom I feel like I’m gonna nut VERY quick. Anyone know why this might be?

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I don’t think you are normal. A lot of guys say they have trouble maintaining erection with a condom. I can’t imagine why you would cum quicker. Do they fit you tightly? I’m thinking that if they are a little loose, maybe they would slide and give you more stimulation than bareback???

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I have the same problem, so you’re not alone. Like you, I am clueless as to how this is possible. Someone want to chime in?

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Originally Posted by Leatherface
Bareback I can last a looonnng time, but when I wear a condom I feel like I’m gonna nut VERY quick. Anyone know why this might be?

I’m no expert on condoms but here is my two cents. It might depend on the brand/type condom you use. Condoms are made with a reservoir tip for a couple of reasons, to contain the sperm and to provide the simulation needed for the man’s satisfaction. I think someone else can better explain, but from what I know the primary sensitive spot on the penis is the head. So you see even wearing a condom you might get off if you are really sensitive on the head of the penis. Also some condoms have lube inside the condom again to provide the simulation needed for the man.

I guess one thing that you might do is put on two condoms to reduce the amount of simulation. I personally like condoms that have no lube whatsoever inside, so you might try something like that.

Same here.

I believe it is because the intensity of skin-on-skin contact helps to desensitize the penis a bit, as long as you don’t blow your load immediately. With a condom on, the sensation is subtle enough that you don’t tend to experience any desensitization.

Also, I think that the sensations are more predictable and controllable when “bareback.” Stimulation with condoms can be sort of haphazard and unpredictable, the way that it happens to slide around on your penis as you control your own thrusting.

These are all great and interesting theories that make a good deal of sense! Can anyone recommend a condom that might reduce these unwanted effects?

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

Anyone? We need to find a condom that can remedy this problem for us! Condom experts speak up!! ;)

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

There are some local-anaesthetic type ointment sold in pharmacies. Perhaps you can use some of that before you put on the condom?

personally, sometimes I come quickly when using a condom. This was more during the first few times using one though. I am uncut and the condom doesn’t allow the skin to slide over the glans during the backstroke so there is more stimulation.

Try the condommania site.

Believe it or not, climax control condoms work very well (for me at least).

Here’s what I do:

First, when I get hard, I put the condom on and go to town eating her out to get her turned on. The act keeps me rather turned on so I stay hard, it stays snug, and the benzocaine starts to effectively desensitize me to help me last longer.

I first got these climax control condoms in a multipack and 4 of these were in it. The first 2 didn’t make me last much longer, but that was because I put them on and got busy right away. I think the reason they don’t work for most people is for this very reason. Just put the condom on first, let the benzocaine take effect while you’re busy, and then when she’s good and ready, you’ll last longer and she’ll be almost ready to cum so you can really give her the pleasure she’s waiting for ;)

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