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yohmbie and l-arg

yohmbie and l-arg

i was thinking about taking 500mg aday each of yohmbie and l-arg is this a wise thing to do i iwll also take milti vit vit e and vit c and god liver oil ?what benifits will is see pe wise from this?thanks

Yeah… what is the differnce between the cod liver oil and Omega 3 oils? There was a string under my name with some omega benefits answered by a few more knowledgabale guys. Just so we all know


This is a excerpt and quote from Eugene Shippen, M.D.

“Your doctor may wish to try yohimbine, a drug made from the West African yohimbine tree. The only drug approved by the FDA for potency problems, yohimbine is thought to block adrenergic neurotransmitters thereby stopping the sympathetic nerves from inhibiting the erection. Yohimbine also promotes the flow of arterial blood to the penis. The drug has numerous side effects including dizziness, headaches, and increaded blood pressure and heart rate. This should be taken under medical supervision.”


dosage of Larginine--marcgibb

You need massive doses of L Arginine,and it can almost outdo Viagra.

Start with 500 mg a day, then keep adding 500 more each day until you
work up to 6-8 grams (1 gram = 1,000 mg).

That is a lot, but it is unbelieveable, and good for heart and circulation
and high blood pressure, etc.

How do you know when you have upped the dosage too much? Upset stomach
and undue diharrea.

Try it and it does build up some. It mostly metabolizes into nitric oxide very quickly.
It’s great for sex about an hour before and equally good for jelqing, but obviously

phat9….what if it works for me and I decide to take it for the rest of my live?

Have you any information about the long term use of this high dosages of 8g/day l-arginine?




Get on the net and order “The Arginine Solution” by Fried and Merrell.

It is a wonder supp. It helps most everything, lowers blood pressure,
gives hard erections, increases circulation, removes plaque, helps healing,
reduces stress, helps sleep, and my help fight cancer.

It releases nitric oxide quickly and does not linger long in the blood.

The only drawback is a “potental” problem in theory with diabetes, but some
evidence says it can help that too.

The stomach upset and diarreha are just temporary. I put with it for the huge

Some people on this forum have all their facts wrong on Arginine, but I
have learned not to argue.

Hey Phat,

We don’t have to argue. Let’s hear what you know. I remember a while back reading some of your posts on HGH, so bring us up to date. We can have different opinions without arguing, although I will admit I occassionally get sucked into one (or two). :)

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What? Who said I was arguing in a negative way?

I am just stating fact, and it is known and proven in clincal studies.

I get sort of tired of seeing wrong facts and misstatements bantied around
and I just spoke up;

The doses of 500mg three times a day are laughable, as are 1,000 mg or even
2,000. These doses do have beneficial health effects, but in MOST men they
will have zero effect on erections.

If any of the above doses are taken on a stomach filled with food or PROTEIN WITHIN
THREE HOURS, then the effect on the penis is again zero.

I know this because I have lived it and experienced it and the literature says so.

Take Arginine on an empty stomach (NO protein in past three hours) and wait 30 minutes
and massage yourself and see what happens. I’d say 5 grams (5,000 mg) is a
minimal dose to give this Viagra effect, but it varies in men. I need more.

This works and guys continually do it wrong and post false statements. If you put
water in gasoline, your car won’t run. If you take small Arginine doses WITH food, hell
it ain’t gonna work either.

No argument, just facts. Do this for a month and see what I mean. The hard part is
not eating for three hours.

BTW, Viagra works much less well on a FULL STOMACH, especially fats. I have experienced that
too, go read the label.

Hey Phat,
I did not mean to imply that YOU were arguing in a negative way. I meant that others giving their opinions, do not have to turn this into a negative argument, heated discussion maybe, but not a brawl. :) I know the guys who are going after the HGH boost take large doses.

I started taking 500mg L-Arginine, 500mg L-Lysine and a 1000mg Vitamin C back when I first started doing PE. I had the idea that it helped my erections and possibly would be a help to any gains. At the time I gave the supps credit for improved erections, but it may well have just been the exercises. The reason I am saying this is because I stopped taking the supps and saw no noticeable effect on my erections. I only take a multi and a B-50 (vitamin B combo) now and my erections are excellent, even with my on again off again routine.

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L-arginine dosages


I’m not disputing you, only suggesting that all men do not need mega dosages of L-a (like 5 grams+/day) to get a good erectile effect.

Men who take Viagra, for example, as I do, often experience enhanced erections in hardness, frequency, and duration on as little as 1500 mg/day of L-a. There is at least one credible study which showed that men who have had radical prostatectomies and took Viagra as an avenue of recovering erectile response did not fare as well as men who took relatively small dosages of L-a at the same time as they took Viagra.

I’ve not had a prostatectomy. However, I have experimented with various dosages of L-arginine and Viagra. No question that the erectile response is even better with L-a, and on only 1500 mg of L-a a day.

I think the difference in our points of view is in the wording: an attempt to duplicate the “Viagra effect” without taking Viagra, which I am not interested in doing. To accomplish this, most would need many grams of L-a.

However, for Viagra users, I believe strongly that less L-a can do just as much as more. Further, I have found that even without having taken V for several days, I still get an excellent sexual bounce from just 1500 mg of L-a and find that nocturnal erections remain at a very healthy level. And, with L-a supplementation, I require a lower dosage of V and so save money.

And stop being so defensive. You have many friends here, whether or not you understand that. :-) Certainly you are one of my PE heros.



of course avocet

I was referring to L Arginine ONLY.

Of course, if you take Viagra it does not take nearly as much.

Some men can get an erectile effect on as little as 1.5 grams, even without V

I was talking “average” man only, no Viagra.

So, we agree

One last thing an it’s the most important thing. If you want erectile effects from just Arginine only,
without Viagra, then you MUST take it on an EMPTY stomach. Protein of any sort within two hours
eats up the Arginine and within three hours will limit its effectiveness.

Many guys forget this and take it too close to a meal, and it doesn’t work./

Good advice, Phat9. I take it at times of the day when it’s likely I haven’t ingested protein within some hours. I notice a sort of “kick in” about 1 hour after I’ve taken it.




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