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Zma and hairloss

Zma and hairloss

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’ve stopped taking zma’s (run out) but I’ve been experiencing some hair

I’ve heard a few rumours about zma and hairloss but not sure what to think?

What do you guys think I can’t find any other reason for this sudden thinning other possible things could be

- Currently have a mild urine infection
- Was taking creatine (CEE) stopped because some people said it did cause hair loss
- Taking nitric oxide (AAKG, should I stop?)

Help me

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ZMA increases the testosterone level and probably that is the cause. I cannot see how creatine or AAKG can cause hair loss.

Yea but the hairloss did not occur while I was on ZMA only when I stoppped, do you think this is because of the sudden decrease after using zma for so long my body is lacking a lot of zinc magnesium and vitamin b6?

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If your taking anything else to kick up testosterone levels I would thing of stopping and see what happens.

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