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Erectile dysfnction... any advice greatly appreciated


Erectile dysfnction... any advice greatly appreciated

Dear Forum,

I have been suffering from a degree of erectile dysfunction now for the last four years. My history is complicated but penis enlargement is a big part of the events so please read on. If you have any words of advice or even better if someone has gone through something similar then please offer your feedback.


At the beginning of 2002 I was 23 and got together with my first ever girlfriend. I was a virgin. I had my fare share of hang ups about sex, principally the usual concerns over performance. Unluckily for me Jen posessed what is commonly referred to as a bucket vagina. She also had no interest in foreplay, had a completely insensitive clitoris (I know that is hard to believe but it is true) and got off on hard vigorous penetration. I new I was not filling her (I was 6 inches NBPEL and a tapering 6ish inches girth at the base to just under 5 at the head). Unfortunately she made a point of telling me about her insanely hung ex with a cock as thick as her arm who once made her pass out during sex. I developed, looking back on it now, an obsessive disorder. My inadequacy was quite literally all I could think about and I was coming close to a breakdown… Then I found this site…

I got some great early gains, shot up to 6.5 NBPEL and gained maybe 0.2 inches of girth. Jen commented on the difference without any prompting from me. I was walking on air. Then the gains halted. I did not, I pushed on harder, more intense. I went into work an hour early every day and worked my cock solidly in the disabled toilet. My tissues were probably screaming out for recovery but I was oblivious. My erections were still fine at this point. But then something happened.

Christmas 2002 and I wake up in the morning with the standard morning wood but something is different. The glans are not inflated. I implode, waves of anxiety rock me. In the weeks that folowed I steadied myself, told myself that things would heal, that even if they didn’t it was only the glans that were not as hard as before, that it would be ok…

It has been four years since that xmas and a lot has changed. I split with Jen, left my job, started studying medicine and found a new girlfriend (lovely tight pussy ;) However my erections have not recovered during these years. Quite the opposite in fact. I believe there has been a steady decline in function. My morning erections are variable, more often than not quite floppy and never the granite like rigid of old. I went to see an expert early on and had all the tests, nocturnal penile tumescense study, doppler ultrasound and cavernosometry which incidentally involves the insertion of two thick needles into your willy- a lovely experience it was not. A mild venous leakage was diagnosed. Ligation of the suspect veins was offered and carried out. This gave no improvement. The only discernable affect was a shortening of my penis by about 0.5 inches (back to where I started- oh the irony).

I should point out at this point that I am not impotent. Sometimes even now when I am in the right frame of mind I can get a rigid erection though it does not hang about. Other times I can maturbate to orgasm with an almost completely limp erection. Although I often used viagra with Siobhan (2nd girlfriend) for peace of mind and confidence, sometimes things worked well enough without (though not perfectly).

So why my concern? Because I can’t help feeling that even with all the day to day variations in how my willy responds there is still a marked trend towards loss of function. In addition I have recently split with Siobhan (not because of my ED - we had a great sex life) but because we were not compatable in other areas. So I am facing the big scary world of singledom again, with a far from perfectly working willy.

My doctor, has asserted thoughout that he thinks my problem is 90% psychogenic and in fairness I am quite a neurotic type. But then again he carried out the venous ligation so he obviously accepts there is an underlying physical problem.

I don’t know what I am asking from you guys really. Advice? A cure- I know that this may be more than I can hope for but you never know… Maybe the input of someone who has the same symptoms as me (sudden loss of glans inflation with gradual decline in function following this). The medical profession are aquainted with common causes of erectile dysfunction, diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc etc. My problem, I am 99% sure was, at least innitiated by my penis enlargement activities. Although I have explained to a number of doctors about PE they are completely clueless. You, the members of this forum have potentially the expertise and insight to help me that a doctor, even with all his training does not.

As a last note I will tell you what I was doing PEwise that fated xmas of 2002. Jelqing and stretching had been ongoing for some months but in the last couple of weeks I had added some intense head squeezes (holding the base while you squeeze the head). Also I had bought a cock ring and had just started wearing it after a jelqing session to keep the blood in the penis and aid growth. I was wearing it for about an hour following a session and it was the day following the second time I wore the ring that I woke up and had my melt down. These things may be related or unrelated. My own personal suspicion is that wearing the ring starved my penis of oxygen and lead to some damage of the smooth muscle of the penis, but that is purely speculation.

I am only 27 and it’s a scary future to look into if my erections decline further to a point where I am not functional even with a viagra crutch. If you have made it to the end of this epic thank you for giving me your time. If you have something which you think may be relevent then please give me a few minutes more and write a reply.

Thankyou once again, dongers (Toby).

keeep going!

If you’ve been diagnosed with venous leakage (and it looks like you had the right tests for that) then you have venous leakage. Ligation surgery is iffy. Sometimes the improvement lasts; sometimes you revert back to where you were. Clearly the surgery didn’t work for you, which means you still have venous leakage, which doesn’t need to be the end of the word. Yours isn’t so severe that you can’t live with it by using the PDE5 drugs. You get good erections under the right circumstances and the ED drugs will enhance that. There is no indications in the many studies now having been written on these drugs that they decrease in effectiveness over time. You’ll still get good results from them - unless the primary cause of your ED worsens, and it shouldn’t if you take care of yourself.

The rule for using a cock ring on an erection is no more than 30 minutes at a time. After 30 minutes or so you need to take it off, allow newly-oxygenated blood to flow in for several minutes, then put it back on if you want. An hour duration with an erection and with a cock ring on can be dangerous.

Sensible vacuum pumping, btw, can ameliorate venous leakage somewhat by increasing over time the efficiency of your penile vascular system.



Thankyou avocet,

I think I have a pump around some where. Are you sure though that pumping will make a difference for me? In theory at least there is no problem with the arterial supply to my penis (I’m in good health etc) so I am not sure what beneficial vascular changes pumping will make to my penis to combat the leakage? Is there anything else I can do? Is there no hope of a cure? Will I never again have erections like I used to? I really can’t remember the last time I got a rigid spontaneous erection…

Also I am naturally worried about the fairer sexes reaction to this. Siobhan has been amazing and it has never been an issue. Maybe however she is the exception and most would run a mile?? Remember I am 27 not 45 or 50. I can imagine more understanding and sensitivity at an older age. It’s just not the sort of thing women of my age will expect to have to deal with…

Dongers (Toby).

keeep going!

Originally Posted by dongers
My doctor, has asserted thoughout that he thinks my problem is 90% psychogenic and in fairness I am quite a neurotic type.

I’m a bit worried that he still OK’d surgery, in this case.

For psychotic problems try tyrosine follow directions.

dongers, have you tried not to touch your dick at all for 2-3 months and see what happens?

Just thought I would bump my own thread since I was hoping for a little more feedback…

keeep going!

How do your view your penis? Are you aware of a lack of sensation in the flaccid state? Does your penis feel like an external appendage that happens to be attached to you? Is your limp penis somewhat hard? Do you have penile curvature? Did the doctors check your testosterone levels and endocrine system? Do you feel depressed?

Obviously in a case where you have performance anxiety getting an erection may feel like tightrope walking. I can relate to that :D

Since you had a nocturnal detumensce study did the doctors rule out sleep apnoe? What about your nerve system? Did the doctor squeeze your glans and check that your anal sphincter responded?

There is an interesting case of healing venous leakage in a 50ish year old man with testosterone therapy. Have a look at this thread: Case Study: Improvement of venous leakage upon testosterone administration

Since you’ve obviously tried a number of things it’s time to start thinking out of the box. What’s your libido like? Hope you can find some help here.

The sensation in my penis is normal and it’s not like an ‘external package’. Again my flaccid penis is normal in consistency, though since my ED has been ongoing for 4.5 yrs now it is hard to remember exactly what it felt like before. It’s certainly not drastically different however… My penis is not curved, testosterone levels are high normal and other hormones are normal also. Although the doctor did not check my nervous system I have done the test you describe and again it is normal…

My libido is a lot lower than it used to be- don’t get that urgent hornyness when I see a hot girl anymore. This though is a consequence of my longstanding ED and not the cause of it I am sure (though of course lack of libido compounds the existing problem).

My suspicion is that I have gradually worsening venous leakage, probably due to deterioration of the penile tissues (smooth muscle, tunica etc). I just don’t understand why it is happening. I am young, very fit, no other health problems…

keeep going!

Have you tried a penis pump? It might help develop better vascularity to counteract the possible venous leak. Avocet8 would be the man - there’s a thread in the Hanger’s Forum called “Pumping 101”. Might be worth a look if you haven’t thought of that angle yet.


I have the same sort of problem,my erections are not that hard and my head hardly fills with any blood at all.

I smoke, drink and also drink coffee.I think my first call should be to give up smoking and drink less and maybe take on more water.I have stopped trying to get my dick bigger,as I would at least prefer a hard dick over a big dick.If that does not work then its off to see my doctor.


" I want Drilla's." she said. " So I will grow one just like it for you, my dear." I said!

Originally Posted by gonabbiger
I have the same sort of problem,my erections are not that hard and my head hardly fills with any blood at all.
I smoke, drink and also drink coffee.I think my first call should be to give up smoking and drink less and maybe take on more water.I have stopped trying to get my dick bigger,as I would at least prefer a hard dick over a big dick.If that does not work then its off to see my doctor.

I doubt that smoking will affect your PE gains. But if smoking hasn’t yet, it will eventually have an impact on erectile function. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor (makes your arteries narrower). Some can tolerate a good deal of it, others cannot. Try drinking wine instead of beer or hard liquor. Better for you in the long run.



Bumping once again, I know its an epic post but please do take a few minutes to read it…

keeep going!

Originally Posted by dongers
Bumping once again, I know it’s an epic post but please do take a few minutes to read it..

I understand your pain, ED with lack of libido.


Ginkgo Biloba. To restore circulation, 240mg per day standardized takes 14 days to take effect.
Green tea to lower blood pressure if that is a problem.
The best I saved for last.

4-5 grams of L-arginine ketogluterate.9
5-7 grams of glutamine, glutamine makes arginine work better.

My question is are you in Any pain?

Do what Advocet8 suggested.
Pumping is a very viable option.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Thanks Kingpole,

I have actually been taking Ginkgo for some time but only 60mg (standardised) a day…

Also, because my problem is one principally of venous leakage I’m not sure that blood flow (in to the penis) is the problem with me…

I will def try the L-arginine ketogluterate.9 and glutamine.

I am not in any pain and am in excellent health apart from the ED.

I will be going to see a nurse in a few weeks time who is going to instruct me in the use of a pumping device for Ed. I am hoping that I am some way off needing a pump for sex itself. However it will allow me to get my hands on a pump which I can use in the way avocet describes. I hope the standard issue NHS pumps are ok quality-wise…??

keeep going!

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