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Low DHT levels?

Low DHT levels?

First off all I’d do a search for DHT if I could…

Moving on, something caught my attention. I’m 29 years old and I’m unable to grow sideburns or a beard. I read on some forum that being unable to grow proper facial hair and having thick head hair.

Doing a bit more research somebody posted on a forum that low DHT can affect how high pitched the voice sounds. My voice isn’t deep at all. It doesn’t sound feminine but on more than one occasion people have said it sounds nerdy. The last comment was made a week ago :(

I’ve also read that it can affect the level of muscular development. In addition low DHT also lowers sex drive though I have no idea if my sex drive is average, low or high.

And of course there is some stuff that says DHT cream can cause penis growth, though I don’t know how valid that is.

Doing proper research on it hasn’t been too I’ve mostly found people wanting to lower their DHT.

So I wondering if I have and had low levels of DHT. I’m unable to grow a beard, have an annoying voice, thick hair, seem to be a slow muscle gainer, white guy only 5’6 and before PE I was 5.25 BPEL with 4.36 EG. Probably unrelated, but I’m also very unconfident when it comes to women and expressing my sexuality.

How do I find out if my levels are normal or not? And if they are low, how do I safely increase them?

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The things you’re talking about are a result of DHT activity during puberty. Here’s an abstract of a 1994 DHT study that indicates DHT affects many male patterns including facial hair, muscle development, voice deepening, etc. It’s a study of a genetic disease, but it shows that DHT is an important hormone in male growth and development.

Role of 5 alpha-reductase in health and disease - PubMed

Because these changes occur during puberty it’s very unlikely you can change anything now. As we’ve said many times before, DHT cream or other treatment (injections) in adults will not cause the growth or changes that occur during puberty because the receptors for it have closed.

Well, if your thinking about sex all day and sometimes even pop boners while having these thoughts, your sex drive and function are doing okay I bet.

DHT is funny. For some guys it seems to be very important for sexual function. In others not as much. It’s a toss up based on things I have read. Testosterone more for some men. Dht for others.

Propecia is a good model to look at. Some guys go impotent on the stuff. Some guys do not. Some guys even report better sex drive and function on it. So?

As to not being able to grow a beard. It’s not just Dht that decides that. You may be short on facial hair follicles and who knows what else.

If you want to raise dht. Drink green tea. Use stinging nettle. Possibly take DHEA. In most guys DHEA raises 5-Alpha reductase, which in turn will increase the amount of testosterone that converts into DHT. From what I understand, Dhea does not convert to estrogen in most men. Just as it does not convert to testosterone in most men. But 5AR has some feminine charistics. It effects every man a bit different based on how you convert I guess.

Good luck.

I’m glad someone started up this thread. I have been researching about DHT without finding anyone on here to back up the effects. I recall a couple years ago some one was using prohormone cream for results but there was no further feedback. Even if you saw results while doing PE how can you attribute it to the cream/gel alone.

Lets say DHT hormone DOES increase penis size at the expense of losing your hair, would you use it?

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