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ADS, more important than I thought.

ADS, more important than I thought.

Hello everyone, this is my first post.

I have been doing PE since 2003. Until I found this site in 2005 however, the only thing I knew how to do was a standard jelq ( I was 18 at this time ). I used to jelq for hours at a time, hoping the next day when I woke up I would be the size of a baseball bat. This was most likely a bit overboard which is probably why I never gained from it. Then in 2005 I found I tried the newbie routine and I might have gained at most 1/16 inch in BPEL, but I can’t be sure. After about a year of trying various stretching and jelqing routines I had only gained about another 1/16 of an inch more in BPEL. These were not the huge gains I was looking for. I had however gotten slightly larger in girth, although I never measured it. Seeing this I thought that perhaps I could make some easy girth gains through clamping, so I purchased some cable clamps and tried a beginner clamping routine for about a month and a half. Sad to say I didn’t see any gains at all that I could tell. I got discouraged and took the better part of 6 months off, occasionally doing some stretches in the the hope that I might get some random growth.

Here is the good part of my story. About a month and a half ago I started reading the forums again. I reread some old threads about ADS and why it is important to let the tissue heal in the extended state. I hadn’t really given the idea any thought in the past because wearing an ADS seemed like an ordeal I didn’t want to deal with. After reading about it again though, it made sense and I decided to try it. So I made one of the simple around the leg ADS using an ace bandage. I started wearing it about a month ago, 16-17 hours a day. I would do some light jelqs at around 7 in the morning after I woke up, and then put on the ADS and wear it until bed time. Every night when I would take the ADS off my flaccid hang would be amazing ( to me least ) and I would go to bed feeling like I was making progress. Well after about a week and a half I measured BPEL, and good lord, I was up 1/8 of an inch! I was excited as hell.

After about two weeks of doing just the jelqing and ADS, I decided to give hanging a try. Almost every thread I have seen on hanging seems to include an ADS in the routine and a lot of people seemed to have gained from this approach. I bought some weights, and made myself a Captn’s Wench hanger. I dropped the jelqs in the morning, and started hanging 2.5 lbs for 3x10 min sets and wearing the ADS for the same 16 hours or so.

It has now been almost exactly one month since I started wearing my ADS. I have now gained slightly under a 1/2 inch in BPEL. That is more than twice what I gained in the previous few years doing PE. I am looking forward to more gains in the future. When I started the ADS a month ago, I was slightly over 6 1/2 inches BPEL, now my glans sticks out slightly above the 7 inch mark. Another thing to note, thought I am really only wanting length, my flaccid penis seems to be getting a little bit thicker as well. Erect girth doesn’t seem to have changed very much.

Anyway, the ADS is more or less the best thing I have learned about on this site. Thanks Thunders!

I have one quick question about hanging also. I have been using 2.5 lbs, which I can now hang for 15-20 min sets without pain. However the other day when I tried to hang a 5 lb weight, I could only do it for about 2 minutes before the pain became quite nasty and it just feels heavy in general. I have seen threads where some people started with 5 lbs and moved up. That seems really heavy to start out with. How long do you think it will be before I can use more weight?

Thanks everyone!

Congratulations on the gains.

I, too, have given some thought to adding ADS to my routine. However, I am not inclined to use any type of mechanical device that has rods sticking out from the public bone. Nor do I like the thought of performing ADS by tugging on some sort of contraption attached right behind the glans.

My questions: (assuming ADS using a belt wrapped around a leg versus hanging weights)

1. Should I expect the same results with ADS whether (a) the penis is grabbed from just behind the glans (which seems like it could be uncomfortable and dangerous) versus (b) the tug is applied not just from behind the glans but along part of the shaft, as well. (I assume that is what you are referring to when you mention the ACE bandage.)

2. If the answer is (b), i.e. that good results can be expected by applying the tug along the entire shaft, then what is the best way to accomplish this? Are they are there any video on how to wrap the penis so that an all day stretch can be applied without causing any harm?

3. Is the silicon stretched pictured here (In use.jpg) the way to go?


I too am strongly turned off by the idea of having to walk around with steel rods and other types of mechanics in my pants.

Thats why I opted for an ADS that consists of a single Ace bandage. I think I got the idea from a thread I saw on here, probably could find it with a search.
Anyway, basically, I cut an Ace bandage (one that is made for the elbow I think) in two more or less equal halves. I get a 20-40% erection, apply a skin lotion to my penis and wrap one half of the ace bandage at least and inch away from the glans. The skin lotion is so that the Ace bandage doesn’t rub the skin raw during the day. I wrap the Ace bandage around my penis until I’m left with around 10 inches of bandage, then I tie a semi-snug knot towards the middle of the wrap I have created with the bandage. I then tie the other bandage around my upper thigh. Finally I attach the remaining bandage that is hanging off the middle of my shaft to the one around my leg. Tie it on the upper/inner side of the thigh. In my experience you can mess around with the tightness of the bandage wrap, and get to a point where your blood flow is not cut off, but your glans does not retract back into the wrap. I find I like it best if there is about 1 inch between the place where the knot is tied around the penis, and the glans.

WARNING: I feel that this type of ADS has one dangerous drawback, which is that if you are not very very carefull to leave enough slack in the connection between the penis and the leg, you could possibly put excess strain on the penis and maybe break something. Definitely do not run while wearing this. I slowly test different ranges of motion with my ADS leg after I put the device on each day, making sure that normal or even swift walking will not cause a sudden tug of death for me penis. Basically make sure there is no chance for a sudden yanking motion to happen.

One more thing I would like to say, is that I am not the best judge of the safety of this method. I suffered an injury to my glans while playing Ice Hockey in high school and as a result the glans is partially numb. Therefore, I cannot be a very good judge as to when something causes pain to my glans. However I am careful to monitor the temperature and the color. I know people have warned against doing noose type devices around the penis on this site. So be very careful if you try it. If your glans gets dark purple and cold/numb that is bad. You should be able to comfortably urinate while wearing this thing.


Drew> Congratulations! Very interesting. I have one questions though. When you put on your ADS device, do you use high or low tension? My experience is that at low tension I can wear my ADS all day long but at high tension I can only wear it for a couple of hours because of pain. What would be best - Low tension all day or high tension for a 3-4 hours at most?

I use fairly low tension - slightly above low tension for most of the day. With the device I am using I don’t know that very high tension is a good idea, because if you put it at high tension, and then take a step with the leg the ADS is attached to, the tension is going to increase even more, and that could be a problem.

Guys, a little off topic, but what is better to use? When you refer to an ADS does this mean Penis extenders like the JES extender also? I own one. I am a newbie here and have been reading up about ADS and notice when people refer to the ADS they mainly refer to the type that uses the device to wrap around the leg and make a ‘pull’ like that.. In your opinions which one make better gains over a shorter period of time?

Any feedback would be appreciated

Originally Posted by drew_2003


I have one quick question about hanging also. I have been using 2.5 lbs, which I can now hang for 15-20 min sets without pain. However the other day when I tried to hang a 5 lb weight, I could only do it for about 2 minutes before the pain became quite nasty and it just feels heavy in general. I have seen threads where some people started with 5 lbs and moved up. That seems really heavy to start out with. How long do you think it will be before I can use more weight?

Thanks everyone!


The weight you can use depends on the kind of hanger and how your penis is made - just as in weightlifting 100 lbs of bench press could be a low weight to start with for someone, and a too high one for another one, similar happens for hanging.

Don’t worry about when you could start X lbs for hanging. What you are doing is working, so be carefully before changing any single thing.

I think the foremost reason why your present PE regimen is working is exactly that, before, you were using too high forces.

Hey marinera, you are replying to a one and a half year old post mate! :p

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Yep! Why this thread jumped out in the “Search For New post”?!

I got the silicon sleeves from monkey bar and have mixed opinions about them. On the one hand, silicon is far more comfortable on the skin than any of the other solutions I’ve tried, but on the other:

- It squeezes your unit around the circumference all day long. I’m not too sure if that is good for it.
- The suction created by the weights hanging off of the end is a show-stopper: if I wear even a light weight for more than 20 minutes with it, I get blistering at the tip and clear liquid discharge. This might be solvable by drilling a hole through the weight so there isn’t a suction.

The silicon sleeve devices seem to be rather new on the block, so there is still probably time to go as they are perfected. I, too, think ADS is a critical part of a routine.

I have been using same type of device (vacuum type ADS) , I also got blistering at first but now I do not get blistering even if I wear it all day. You’ll get blistering when the silicon stretches and creates a space between the glans and the tip of the silicon. So what I do is insert my tool as closest to the tip of the silicon sleeve as possible so that when the silicon stretches, the glans is being stretched with it without creating a space between the glans and the tip of the silicone.

Hey energizer,

Should it feel like the tip of the gland is rubbing the top of the silicon cap? Would that be the type of closeness your talking about?

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Great thread. I too want to use a stealth ADS for hours-day

This is just the type of thread that really motivates me. I too am looking for an ADS Stealth like to wear for 8-13 hours/day. I have looked on ebay and they sell some simple ones for $25 or so. The ace bandage idea seems simple too but I am not good at making stuff. I may just try it and see what works best.



BPEL-6.75—-In 2000. I have only been doing PE on/off these last 9yrs. (Mainly off). Now I am looking at getting serious as I of course want a 9 incher (in 1 1/2 yrs) and 10 inch in length in 3 yrs. + I want to be “well hung” say at 7 inches flaccid (3yr goal).


Guys, I was searching for an ADS and found out this thread.

From what I understand at that time there was a big “heal while your unit is extended” buzz. Now I read and got told that it actually just creates scar tissues.

Is there still merit to the idea of PE and then ADS or is it completly debunked ?

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