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Afer 2 weeks on herbs I feel shrinkage

Afer 2 weeks on herbs I feel shrinkage

I’m am 26 years I take horny goat weed, tongkat ali sawpalmetto I noticed when I take them I’m so horny at first my penis is hanging balls two.but then when I take them evry day for like 2 weeks I’m not horny any more and balls and penis are not hanging there shrunk.then I stop taking then for a few days and it’s back.I’m thinking mabe it’s my age I stilll have alot of testostrone and by taking the herbs I overlode it and my body shuts down.can any please let me no what to do ? And what is the problem?do you think I should take them 2 times a week?

From what I’ve experienced with taking herbs is that they only work for a certain time length and then
Just start doing nothing or the opposite of what you want,

I would recommend taking tongat ali and horny goat weed , only before sex or a jelqing session, just use
It when you need it or feeling a bit lifeless really no point using it non stop but if you do make sure you cycle (e.g: 1 week on 1 off ) ,I guess you’ve gotta work a good cycle for your own body, buts that just my opinion:)

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Like MrMarshmallow said, it needs to be cycled. I prefer the 5 days on, 2 days off. Even though some products say one month on and two weeks off is okay, it seems like that isn’t the case for you since after 2 weeks, you don’t feel the same effects.

I’m no doctor, but I don’t think this shut your body down of natural testosterone. It’s a natural supplement and I can’t see it shutting down natural testosterone. Steroids can shut your body’s natural testosterone if its not cycled. Just lay off of it for a couple weeks and then get back on it and see what it does.

I think depends of each body. In my case I take the same ( horny goat, saw palmetto, L-argininie plus Maca ) and I am so horny, my erections are like rock. Maca works really good on me. Maybe you should not take them everyday. Best regards!

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