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All-Day-Warming with socks (helpful?)

All-Day-Warming with socks (helpful?)

Hi there,
I think i found something that could be great:
Warming the penis while All-Day-Stretching with baby socks. Just cut them, so they are open from both ways.

I take 4 socks right now, one over the other. When I take a feel with my finger under it, it’s really warm.

Now I was thinking:
Could warming the penis all the time be helpful for PE?
could this be something one could also do all the time one is not actively penis-enlarging?
Warming penis all the time when going out: definitely possible, I’ll try it today. It gives a good bulge.
Idea is that the constant warmth is helpful in repair/growing phase of penis.
Question is if this is really the case, if that is really helpful.

I tried it today:
After 2 hours I checked and the glans was just a tiny bit cold.
I guess the socks were a tiny bit too tight. I removed one of the socks and let the sock hang also a bit over the glans. Next time I checked I did not have this problem again. I guess I will buy another round of baby-socks, this time one size bigger.

I can pee, I just pull the socks back.

Also idea: even for sleeping?
Ok, for sleeping it has to be erection proof.
I am pretty positive erections are no problem but I guess I try it first.
Do you think warming is helpful? Or only right before or while doing PE?

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Those socks look like they will come in handy in cold weather! :)

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