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Alright thrift shoppers, where can I find the cheapest cable clamps?

Alright thrift shoppers, where can I find the cheapest cable clamps?

For the life of me, I swear out here in Montana Walmarts that they just don’t carry cable clamps like everywhere else in America. Since I’m heading off to college, I have this real bad feeling that I won’t have much time by myself, so I am cutting down on PE and am going to focus on the most important things. In my mind, this would be just to do the newbie routine (even though I am not a newbie) and to clamp. Since I’ve been lazy, I would slowly change simple stretches to two-way stretches and also V-stretches. I don’t have a clamp yet, and that’s a PE device I can lie about it’s use. Can somebody please find me the cheapest price for a cable clamp?

Also, my Internet is being a little bitch and wouldn’t post my first attempt at this thread, so if there is a duplicate, please delete it for me.

Less than $2.00 each at Home Depot.

Great Falls
Sheridan, WY
Lethbridge, AB

Westla, your breaking my balls. I have a severe issue with the Home Depot, maybe they carry it at Lowes or something? I am not allowed into Home Depot unless it is the only, ONLY place in town that carries something, which has happened once. I have to stay with my loyalties, you understand? And how did you find out what cities carried them? I live in Billings, so this is promising.

I’m sorry you have issues. :) You asked for cheap and I think $1.79 is cheap.

Lowes may have them. At different Home Depot stores I’ve found them at the checkout, in the tool crib, in “hardware” and in “electrical.” You’ll have to look in several locations since the people at these stores rarely know what a cable clamp is.

At The Home Depot there’s a link labeled “store finder.” You can enter a city or a Zip Code and a range up to 100 miles to find the nearest store. I don’t know that every store has the clamps. The cities I listed are the cities in Montana (or nearby) that have a Home Depot.

If you can’t afford something for under 2 dollars, you are really tight and have issues. Even students who earn NO MONEY can even dish out 2 dollars somehow.

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If the 2 bucks is too much then tie off with a piece of fabric. Some here have sworn by it. You can also just do erect squeezes.

Your hand… 10 minutes. Not a problem. It will turn bright red.

Thanks Home Depot guy for suggesting it and answering his question! Great contribution to the community.

Does anyone know anything about Cable Cuffs? It’s the only thing I can find at Home Depot and the shape was so odd I didn’t think it could ever clamp. If I can’t find anything in town, can someone link me to a site where I can purchase them? I tried searching, and apparently I’m bad because I can’t find it.

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