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Can´t Post Pictures

Can´t Post Pictures

Hi all,
this is my first post since i registered in this forum. But i can only post in the Newbie and the Spanish Forum.
I want to post pictures in the Picture Forum, but i can only read there.
Why I can not post there, and in all other Forums?

cya Flo

ps: Sorry about my bad English ;-)


Welcome to the forum.

Bad English is not a problem - we have a spell checker to help with that - just make your best attempt.

Until you have 20 posts and have been here 2 weeks you won’t be able to start threads anywhere but the Newbie Forum and the Spanish Forum but you can post in any existing thread anywhere.

Just post your pics here and a moderator will move the thread before releasing the pics.

memento, thanks for the information i too was wondering why i could not post pictures, thanks for the tip you take care.


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