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Can't jelq without full erection. what do I do

Can't jelq without full erection. what do I do

Hi, I’m not new to PE, I’ve been doing it for 2 years. No length gains, 1 inch in girth. I’m now at 6”long, 6”thick. The thing is I never really jelqed. I usually squeezed it at the bottom and with the other hand, squeezed the top and bottom of the shaft for girth gains. Never did much of streaching iether. Now the only way I can jelq is if I squeez and hold the base with one hand while jelqing with the other. When I try to jelq with both hands, unless it’s too ERECT, the erection slowly subsides, because it doesnt feel like enough stimulation to keep it there. I’m applying good pressure with my jelq, but at 60 to 80 % erect, the erection won’t stay there. It’s like even though I’m squeezing and pushing the blood forward, more than that much blood is still flowing out. Am I doing the jelq wrong? Have I just been doing PE for too long without jelqing for it to work any more? I can keep it going with a 100% erection, but that will be bad, it’s not supposed to be done when fully hard. Also, when I jelq with two hands, it pulls the skin on my dick, and when one hand reaches the glands, the skin is pulled about 1/4 of the way up my shaft so that the other hand would have to start at 1/4 of the shaft rather than at the actual base. This makes it hard to do the jelq properly. Also, when I jelq, it seems that it almost thins my penis out rather than ads girth to it. Is that because I’m used to doing girth work outs which show more girth gains at the end of the session, or is it really thinning the dick out.

Lastly, I CAN’t VIEW THE VIDEOS. I went to see the videos, and the screen went to a quick time player logo on a blank screen, and just stayed there, no video showed at all, for any of them. Are the videos just not ready to be seen, or is there something wrong with them, or is there just something wrong with MY computer?

Someone please help,.FAST!

You might want to use some lube and have a tighter grip while jelqing

I had this problem in the first few weeks.

I just think you are really sensitive to jelqing. However, I have found over time I am much less likely to get fully hard during jelqing.

Practicing technique and over time this problem will go away, I suspect.

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Cool, also, when I jelq it seems to thin my penis out. I HAVE been doing mostly girth work outs my entire time, so I’m used to seeing my dick get swolen up durring a work out. Is it normal to have it a little harder but thinner then jelqing. I notice a lot of blood gets pushed to the head, but the shaft itself gets thinner. The only way I’ve been able to keep my self from going back to a thin dick is by JELQ-SQUEEZES which I’m able to do for longer also because the blood gets trapped for effectively by one hand while the other jelqs. So I want to know if jelqing with both hands is important or if jelq squeezing will do the same thing. Also, is it normal for my dick to get a little thinner using a regular jelq? I thought it was supposed to get all fat and stuff around the end, in the shape of a bouling pin, like when I jelq squeez. When I jelq squeez I can acually feel the pressure of the blood on the walls of my dick shaft and head as it gets pushed up. When I jelq I can’t feel the blood being pushed, I can only see the tip of the head being slightly swelled as blood gets pushed to it. I need to know wuts up. Does jelq squeezing suffice as a substitute for regular jelqing if I can’t get my regular jelq maintained?

Perhaps you want between a 60-70% erection level, sounds like your only at about 40-50% erection level. Jelq nice and slow now! Great girth by the way.

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Originally Posted by kingpole
Perhaps you want between a 60-70% erection level, sounds like your only at about 40-50% erection level. Jelq nice and slow now! Great girth by the way.

Thank you sir!

its most likely either the way you are jelqing or your inability to control your erection, dont worry because its only a small temporary problem that can be fixed in a few sessions, when i first started jelqing, i had the exact same problem, i wasnt able to jelq without having a full erection, basically my mind wasnt trained to control my erection but over time with practice you will be able to control your erection,

what you should do it start jelqing and once you get an erection, let go and think of something else while your erection goes away and you are left with a plump limp, then continue jelqing and keep repeating this until you can jelq more amounts without getting an erection, youll basically have to keep stopping and waiting for the erection to go away, then continuing, over time you will be able to jelq at an almost limp level, which i am now able to do,

just keep practicing and each session you will get better and better, i prefer to jelq with a very low erection level, almost limp, about 20% erection level is how i like to jelq and it works for me, especially if its lenght your after, its all about using your mind to control the erection level

Originally Posted by kingpole

Perhaps you want between a 60-70% erection level, sounds like your only at about 40-50% erection level. Jelq nice and slow now! Great girth by the way.

How can we determine what 60-70 percent erect is?

That’s a good fucking problem to have.

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