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Days off and Jais question from new guy

Days off and Jais question from new guy

Hello everyone, I’m new here. Thanks for all the shared information and experience.

I started this experiment about four weeks ago now, began with the newbie routine, then found J123 (is he still on here?) and his “new newbie” routine, and agreed with his approach, easy does it. I’m doing the jelqs, and discovered Johans’s “jai’s” which I really like (maybe a little too much!) and I’m wondering about a couple of things.

Firstly: Does any of the experienced fellows have any guidance on, for lack of a better term, “pee-stretches”? When I go to the restroom, I usually am now giving a couple of tugs, doing two or three “jai’s” in succession. Is this too much at this early stage? I’m also finding that I’m going to the restroom a lot more often than I used to, pretty much just to have a “quick break”. Should I use more restraint or is that ok at this stage?

Secondly: For my off days, should I just totally leave it alone, or are the jai’s here and there throughout the day ok at this stage? I don’t want to diminish any “newbie potential” by overdoing it at this point.

Thanks for any advice, and I’ll keep reading.

Easy does it is the best way— at a month in you’re just getting a sense of how your dick works.

Piss pulls and piss-jelqs are not only not uncommon but actually some here believe that they are key to their response.

A minute or so of post piss PE won’t hurt- although I would leave the off-days off other than limited post-piss-PE.

Luck and length.

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Thanks Andro for the confirmation, that’s what I was thinking, (but I’m finding the Jai’s a bit addictive)

I’ve read many of your posts, you have a lot of info that you share, thank you.


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