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Dry warmup

Dry warmup

Hey guys I’m somewhat new.. Been PEing on and off at random times for about a year..

But my question is if any of you know of a dry warmup method? I like to dry jelq and stretch just out of convenience and not wanting to get it all too messy.. So if anyone has any warmup methods they could share, that would be great

Use a rice sock!

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Great idea :)

Do searches not only on “rice sock” but also on “IR lamp.” A rice sock can be used even while you’re stretching, and an infrared lamp can be used throughout any stationary routine. Although some ADS guy may come up with a battery-powered one to strap to his leg while walking around! The trick would be doing stealth PE with a battery-operated lamp. Seriously, some guys use a small rice sock inside their drawers for pre- and post- PE’ing.

You could also try a heating pad. I use it when I use my penis master. Keeps good constant heat for the whole process.

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