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How is this possible? My semi-erect penis is bigger than when fully erect


How is this possible? My semi-erect penis is bigger than when fully erect

Hello all,

I have been doing PE for about 5 weeks now. I already have noticed some gains: 1. I have a stronger and harder erection, 2. I have a bigger flaccid penis, 3. I have a small gain when I am full erect, it is a gain of 0,1 inch in length and in girth.

But also something strange has happened, my penis is now bigger when 70-90% erect then when I am for a full 100% erect. My girth is now 5,4 when full erect and between 5,5-5,6 when around 75% erect. I measure this around the base. Before I did PEing my penis was when around 70% erect much smaller then when full erect. I have been doing allot of girth exercises on a low erection level.

How is this possible, has anyone experienced this to?
I hope you guys can help me with some answers.


Same here. I can’t explain it except for maybe that you hit full girth before you hit full length. Then when you hit 100% erect length it sort of slims out your girth. Just my theory and quite possibly a load of do do.


Don’t forget the Kegel tug back. When you get aroused and flex to keep blood in your unit, you can have a slight tugback.

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I think RTG is correct.

Also, Dino and I remarked a long while back that morning wood is often fatter than sexual wood, but that’s a difference accountable to the neural pathways through which nocturnal and sexual erections happen.



Thanks for the fast reply’s.

I think you right Roomtogrow, because when I am about 80% erect, I still have to grow a half inch so maybe there is we’re the blood is going without more blood coming in. It would be better if I somehow could keep that girth! But that will be impossible I think?


.. and of course plain old warmth.. Well unless you were sleeping on a tree without wearing anything :leftie:
Anyways my dick is .5” longer when it’s about 80% erect (and thus .5” shorter when 100% erect). Didn’t check the girth, but I really think the lig tugback is the most likely reason :)


Hmm. This could explain why I was measuring a couple of days ago and thought, “Hey! I made some gains,” and then later, in an effort to capture the success on film, I got myself all worked into a good horny state, only to find that my erect length was about the same as it ever was. I was disheartened, and wondered if I had just had a mild hallucination when measuring earlier. One other thing I notice, too, is that I reach full girth (5”) at about 75-80% erection so it seems so plump and fat at that point. But then it never gets thicker even though it gets harder (and longer). If the girth we’re at 75-80% at that point, I could look forward to plumping up to a nice 6.2-6.6”. Sadly, that’s not what happens at this point (though maybe someday).

I would just like to say that I tried three times to correct the error above where it says “If the girth we’re.” I removed that damn apostrophe, but it just kept coming back. (?) Anyway, for the record, it should say “we’re,” not “we’re.”

OK, apparently you can’t type w-e-r-e without having an apostrophe automatically inserted, thus rendering the above explanation ridiculous and confusing. Anyone else have this trouble here? Should I just avoid the subjunctive?


All of this makes a lot of sense to me based on my own experience. My morning woods are by far the thickest girth-wise and longest. I have yet to capture them on film as hard as I’ve tried.

Also when I have a massive woody, it’s not as long as when it’s semi-flaccid. But I hit my maximum girth with the full-blown woody. I guess it’s just how the blood, (there’s only so much), is being distributed.


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Hey all,

Well with me my bigger girth has nothing to do with morning wood because I measured it at 17:00

Also my girth is bigger around 70% before it gets to a 100% but also after a full erection when it gets back to 70% erect, it becomes bigger. And it stays bigger even when I keep my erection at about 70%.

So I think I have to agree with RTG theorie, for my girth changes.


Yah same here. My girth is the biggest when semi-erect. It’s kinda sad, because when some chick would see it in semi state she would go like “Hey that’s kinda big!” but then when I’m fully erect it’s slimmer. Oh well, at least it isn’t longer when I have a semi.

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Very interesting. I’ve never noticed that because I’ve never checked. I will now though.

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Same with me as well Uncas. I have a larger girth when I’m in that 70-80% range. Interesting…

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