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Lack of morning wood a bad good thing


Lack of morning wood a bad good thing

I always hear other men talking about morning wood and how it’s a guaranteed thing that you can almost be assured that it is gonna happen every day. I have read that morning wood is really a result of your body trying to keep you from pissing yourself while you sleep. I maybe experience morning wood once or twice a month, is this a bad thing? Should I be concerned? Are there others that do not really experience the Morning Wood Syndrome?

You are reading the wrong stuff. Nocturnal erections (morning wood) are in no way related to urination or the need to urinate. They’re caused by the parasympathetic nervous system during Rapid Eye Movement sleep and perform a sort of “housekeeping” function, assuring that penile tissues are suffused with newly-oxygenated blood - usually multiple times during sleep. It’s possible that you are having nocturnal erections and sleeping through them, especially if you tend to wake slowly from the REM cycle.



That makes good sense to me as for I never seem to recall having any dreams and from previous understanding that happens when you wake during your dream state or REM cycle I believe. Thanks for the FYI!

parasympathetic Now that’s a word to remember. Thank you Dr avocet. :)

Originally Posted by gprent
parasympathetic Now that’s a word to remember. Thank you Dr avocet. :)

The interesting thing about the two systems is that the sympathetic works constantly to dampen erectile response whereas the parasympathetic works to encourage it. During REM sleep the sympathetic system is shut down allowing the parasympathetic to say, “OK, that silly jerk is out of the way. Let’s go for it; no holds barred.” This is one reason why morning wood is often longer/thicker than a conscious sexual erection may be.



If you are having no problems with erections otherwise, it probably doesn’t matter if you are waking up with one or not. You might be having lots of nocturnal erections before you wake up.

If you want to know, you can use the old postage stamp test. Make a ring of samps snugly around your flacid dick before bed, and see if the ring is ripped open when you wake up.

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I don’t wake up with morning woods ever either.I dunno why

Originally Posted by TheKing1988

I don’t wake up with morning woods ever either.

Me niether.

Hmmm.O well I’m glad I don’t. The only thing that happens when I wake up is I usually have to piss so bad my bladder hurts lol

I’d say its 50/50 for me, sometimes i have morning wood like you wouldn’t believe and at the same time have to piss like there is no tomorrow… the end result is me standing over the toilet begging for the wood to go down. I actually recall a time when i was able to piss while almost fully erect, which is highly unusual considering that the urethra is squashed by the erection and the valve does not allow you to piss

I’m the same way mate. I wake up with a morning stiffy once a week at most. But my God, when the planets align properly and my girl happens to be in a good mood when I nudge her with it… all good things.

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Most of you guys who think you don’t get morning wood are probably just sleeping through them. If you get firm healthy sexual erections, more than likely you are having nocturnals also. I’ve read that a healthy penis will get hard several times during the night. I always get them when I dream, and the boner usually wakes me up. The more vivid the dream the harder the dick. The dreams don’t have to be sexual, just any vivid dream seems to do it. A nightmare will pull my dick right out of a Bed Fowfer. The only time it doesn’t happen is when I drink before going to bed, but then I don’t seem to dream when I drink, or maybe I’m just too drunk to remember. :gulp:

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Come on the phrase ‘morning glory’ is embedded in our shared cultural language, especially since Oasis re-invented it.

I think this is a big deal and LOVE wood in the morning - One of the main reasons I keep coming to PE and particularly kegels is the instant impact on morning wood.

Then again my wife always said I was a mornings man - Perhaps its horses for courses?

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I agree that if your erectile resonse is working just fine, morning wood isn’t something to be concerned about unless you have a test confirming that you _never_ have nocturnal erections. In the long run, I’d worry about that. But I do think most of you guys who don’t have a conscious experience of them are sleeping through many of them.

Spend a buck or two and try mravg’s stamp experiment.



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