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Nitric Oxide Question/Shrinkage

Nitric Oxide Question/Shrinkage

I was originally going to type this up and respond in the thread of origin.

No Nitric Oxide penile shrinkage

Half way through typing this, I realized that the original poster was an asshole who obviously shows no respect. Calling Kingpole a “grammar Nazi nerd”.

carl38 - No Nitric Oxide penile shrinkage

I don’t really feel like helping him at this point. However, i do feel like this would help the forum. I was also like half done. So I finished my post and i decided to start my own thread regarding this issue.

The original question posed, to the best i could decipher what he was trying to say, since he used no punctuation and did not separate things out, was:

Does your penis shrink because the body doesn’t send NO (nitric oxide) to it? Short answer: no. Less NO because of less blood.

Also what are some ways to encourage that plump yet flaccid feel you often get while sitting around.

Anyone is welcome to read the original thread to try to decipher what he was actually asking, but I do encourage all to post in this thread in a non-name-calling and non-aggressive way.

To Carl38: It is the “nerd” that is helping you out and it would be nice to show some respect.

My original response:

I think you guys are stuck on a sympathetic and parasympathetic problem. Your body has two general class of nerves, the sympathetic releases norepinephrine, while the sympathetic release acetylcholine. Sympathetic is responsible for fight, flight, fright, and fuck. While parasympathetic is responsible for rest and relax.

When your surrounding stimulate your body to activate the sympathetic nervous system, blood is redirected from your internal organs to the skeletal muscles. Hence blood vessels that lead to your digest organs, and your penis constrict and deliver less blood. When the surrounding stimulate you to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, your blood vessels going to your penis is dilated, hence you get more blood flow there.

Someone mentioned something about a math test inducing your unit to shrink, so i think they are refers to the combined effect of cortisol (increases blood glucose, increase protein catabolism) and your sympathetic nervous system acting together.

I hope this helps for you to understand basically what’s going on in your body and how it reacts, if you need more details and etc. Google it.

HOWEVER, I do not believe any of this cause your penis to shrink permanently.

Ways to induce more frequent plump stage include having a relaxed environment, letting your parasympathetic system kick in so you naturally have that occur.

But other have mentioned things that have general vasodilating effects, such as L-arginine, and other stimulants. For L-arginine, it is a precursor along with many other amino acids that help induce the production of HGH, which in turn has vasodilating effects. I do not know anymore details to contribute more to this topic.

However, I would like to warn against nitric oxide, or NO. It is a naturally occurring chemical in the body and a messenger, there is a current marketing of NO to body builders, as a group sadly know very little of how their body actually builds. NO taken orally is suppose to help vasodilation, but there are no scientific studies that really shows its effects.

I personally would warn against taking a large amount of NO, as it is a free radical and has been known to be a carcinogen (causes cancer) through gene mutation in large quantities.

On top of that, I think general healthy habits that ensures vascular health would be most beneficial to keeping a higher amount of blood flow to your penis. Also sometimes I wear my Original Anchor and it helps with stimulating my unit somewhat so blood flow increases a little.

Finally, although the blood vessels are constricted, I do not believe anything you do in a normal day’s work would be enough to cause catabolism of your penile tissue. That is, although it’s not as plump I don’t think it does any damage to your penis - enough blood gets circulated to keep your tissue alive no problem. But more blood flow does help it recover from PE workouts better as it delivers more nutrients.

I have thought about this also, and It’s a very interesting text you write. I have problem to get relaxed, and have often quite high pulse. But when I’m relaxed, the penis often filled with blood and hanging down.

It sounds as if you may have overactive sympathetic tone. You can correct it with relaxation techniques, but in the most severe cases, it can take some time to see results.

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