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Penis enlargement

Penis enlargement

Hello to all PE people out there. I am new to this and since you already know, one has a lot of question when it starts. My first question is about an ancient Australian method for penis enlargement, which uses the same principles of neck enlargement found in one tribe. I don’t remember there name but the method’s called ostrich’s neck and it consists of putting rings on the shaft of the penis all the way to just behind the glands thus keeping the penis stretched all the time. So due to constant stretch and the weight of such rings your penis will grow. Is there anybody out there who has used this method, Oh and one more thing can somebody explain what meas lot, I would appreciate it.

Here is the procedure: some special rings are inserted around the penis in rest so that they can include it’s whole surface. In time the penis loosens up and it gets longer because of the great number of rings and because of the weight that force it to enlarge. As the penis gets longer, new rings are inserted until it reaches the wanted size.
The rings can be made of metal or plastic and have an adjustable circumference. What is difficult is that you have to get used to wearing them as long as possible. The good part is that wearing them makes the surface of your penis more sensitive. It will give complete satisfaction not only to your lover but also to yourself. You will feel more intensely every little thing. It can also give you a greater control over the ejaculation.
Obviously, don’t forget to take them off before penetrating your lover because otherwise her reaction would be one of shock.

That seems like an awful lot of trouble to do the same job that an ADS or Penimaster-like device would do. There’s something about it that just sounds painful or potentially harmful to me (e.g., they can’t be too easy to remove).

Welcome to Thunders Maurizio.. No I have never heard of that one,but it might work if you could walk around all

Day in a loin cloth. As for LOT ,go to the search icon at the top of the page plenty of good info there.

Sounds uncomfortable. I’ll stick to stretching and not scaring the shit out of my girlfriend.

Link to my PE Stats.

Goal: 9 X 6.5

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