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Peyronie disease members

Peyronie disease members


I’m interested in PE for some reasons but a doubt is present in my case concerning Peyronie disease (I beg you pardon because of my English, I’m Spanish). A possible relation between PE and this problem worries me a lot, since I’ve read something about this possibility one time and PE enlarges the penis, we think, by means of micro fissures, and Peyronie involves something like scar tissue over penis’ surface. In my case, I’ve noticed since I was a teenager a small lump in my penis and I’m afraid of having predisposition of suffering this disease. That’s the reason why I’ve almost never tried PE.
I’ve read in thundersplace about the possibility of straightenen bended penis with some PE exercises, and the penis curvature is one of the effects of Peyronie disease.. Maybe PE could be good instead of bad for Peyronie cases, or even for preventing it.. I don’t know if it is the case or it works on the contrary.

Is there anybody here who has this problem, or who has something like a lump in his penis, and that is doing PE? Have you ever noticed something related to that? Maybe this effect is more likely amongst older members.

Cheers and thank you very much in advance.

Don’t you know?

That was a concern of mine when I first started but I am well over a year in now and haven’t noticed anything like that. I’ve read through these forums and haven’t seen any peyronies start as a result of PE. I think if you overdid things you could cause scarring and shrinkage so I would definitely recommend taking things really slow with the newbie routine. I pushed too hard in the beginning a few times and was rewarded with the dreaded hard flaccid that won’t become erect for a few days. Just make sure to gradually start in with PE. All the vets that say it over and over again do so for a reason. Through trial and error they know that’s the best way to gain and stay injury free.

Thank you very much for your sou interesting, complete and sincere reply.. It is very important the fact that you explain about no members for now with peyronie problems, mainly if we take into account that there are several people who aren’t quite young and this problem usually happens when the person is more than 40 years old.
I completely agree with you concerning the careful one should be at the beginning and maybe after that and I’ll try to do that in case I start PE.

Cheers and thank you again

There is a very helpful discussion forum about Peyronie on the Internet:

Many members at that forum use pumping as a therapy - small cylinders and very short hold times (30 seconds).

Some people are more likely to get Peyronie than others - so techniques that work for some people here may cause problems for someone with Peyronie. Not everyone will develop Peyronie - but some people may.

Caution is advised for anyone suspect of Peyronie as it can be a difficult problem to live with.

Good Luck!

Thank you very much for your accurate, prudent and full answer. The link is very interesting and complete, as well as what you say about the possibility of non being good for Peryronies some exercises.. That’s my main doubt when I think of making PE, since the small possibility of causing Peyronie disease becomes very big since it is a really huge problem.. I think for now PE way of working an it’s consequences aren’t very known, so maybe is too risky in some cases to go on PE. I’ll keep on searching and trying to learn about it after taking a decision.

Best regards and thank you again.

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