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Sleeping naked and going to not wear underwear helpers to improve PE gains?

Sleeping naked and going to not wear underwear helpers to improve PE gains?

Hi buddies, what do you think sleeping naked and going commando / not wearing underwear/ is helping to improve ours PE gains or not?

I read some studies and specialist says sleeping naked improves male genitalia blood follow and all body conditions. But for going commando nothing improved.

How many of you guys going commando/ no wearing underwear/ and sleeping naked it’s improved your gains?

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I don’t own underwear and always sleep nude. I’ll say for me it’s made a big difference.

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I love sleeping naked. I wake up every morning rock hard pitching a tent with the blanket. The first thing I do is Kegel a few times just to feel my cock swell and surge. If I wear underwear to bed it’s a real downgrade …boner feels as if it’s struggling and tangled up. Boners need to be free!

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I never wear underwear to bed either. Can’t really say it’s helped with gains or not.

I can’t sleep unless I am naked, but I do not believe it has done anything in the PE-department for me.

I also believe sleeping naked does nothing to increase dick size. However, it makes it easy to do bed Fowler’s which I believe helps with PE.

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