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Some pressing penis question about the foreskin and the head

Some pressing penis question about the foreskin and the head

Hi everyone, I wanna start off my first post with some questions about my penis that have been worrying me for a little while, though I’m sure there’s worse to be had.

First off, the colour of my penis’ head is quite red. It’s not terribly red or anything, but visibly more red than the shaft. I’ve actually had surgery performed on my unit when I was 12-13 to fix something with my foreskin. It’s called Phimosis, and it’s where your foreskin is too tight at the front for it to be pulled back over the head. I spoke to a friend online and he said the difference in colour is due to the surgery, which was in fact a form of circumcision. Do you agree with that? Note that the colour change starts somewhere below the head, just where the shaft begins to end, about 3/4 of a centimeter from the start of the head. The head itself is a solid colour of purplish red, though more red than purple. So do you think this can be attributed to the surgery?

Second question, this one concerning the foreskin itself.
After the surgery, I was able to pull back the foreskin all the way over the head, which btw made me pretty ecstatic at the time. I mean, imagine going through your life for 12 years and then finding our your penis has a head!! :D
However, I noticed that the foreskin on the upside of my unit (the part facing up, towards your head), is a lot more loose than the piece on the bottom. Not sure if that’s easy to understand. But basically, when my penis is erect, the result is that, while on the underside of the penis, the skin is smooth all the way up to the head, on the upside, there’s a bit of a flap hanging kinda loosely just below the head. It’s not really bothering me in any particular way, except that I find it a little strange and un-pretty :)
This too, probaply, is due to the surgery, but I was wondering if anybody else has a similar foreskin issue and if there’s a possible fix to it. Also, I’m 18 right now and probaply still growing, so I’m going to refrain from any surgery until my body is fully grown, but surgery-related suggestions are still welcome.
Oh, and if the description wasn’t vivid enough, I’ll gladly try describing it again if anybody wants me to :)

Last thing, concerning the head.
You know that bottom part of the head, just where it bends inwards sort of and crosses over to the shaft? I guess it’s like the “chin” of the head. Well, that part of mine seems to have a whole row of.. Thingies sticking outwards. Mind you they’re really pretty small, but they’re there. They’re a bout 1 milimeter in diameter and length, but there’s about 30 of them across the whole chin. They’re more on the inside of the chin btw, so they’re hardly visible, but they’re there. I was wondering if this was somehow unusual or not, or of I should go see a doctor about it. I’m not sure I can attribute this one to the surgery, but I would like to find out the reason for these little extrements.

Thanks a lot in advance for any replies!


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Hi Jericho,

The small bumps on your glans are probably “Pearly Penile Papules,” and there are a few threads on here concerning them. Do a search and you”ll locate them. I’d link to the thread, but don’t know how yet. Perhaps member Roussie could teach me a few things.

Concerning the loose foreskin area: It’s probably the result of how the surgery fixed your phimosis problem. I would suppose you could have a “nip and tuck” touch-up surgery performed to tighten up that particular area. That would be sort of a “reverse-phimosis” repair. :)

I’m not sure about the head color/colour as there are so many variations in head color. You may want a doctor to look at it, but I imagine it’s nothing to worry about, and it’s simply how you are put together. Is is painful?

Hope some of this helps.


Hi Jericho, welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Your surgery probably was a form of circumcision, but it sounds like most of the foreskin was left. That’s a good thing. The membrane that covers the glans (head) is rich with blood vessels and many intact (uncircumcised) guys have a purple or reddish color because of it. It’s not due to the surgery. Your friend may be one of those guys whose glans color the same as the other parts of his penis and may not know that having a red head is normal for some guys.

Depending on how much skin was removed and how it was done it is possible for the scar to be uneven. The normal foreskin is attached to the underside of the glans by the frenulum. The function of the frenulum is to pull the foreskin back over the glans into its normal position. (A retracted foreskin is not in its normal position.) It’s not unusual for the removal of part or all of the foreskin to be uneven in the area of the frenulum. I guess you could have it “worked on” by a urologist or plastic surgeon, but it probably is not worth the pain or expense.

The area where the glans meets the shaft is called the sulcus. The little growths there are called Pearly Penile Papules. They are found on both circumcised and uncircumcised men, but are more common on guys with a foreskin. They are normal, even though unattractive, and most guys do not do anything about them (such as surgical removal). Your surgery did not cause them.

Obviously Damfino posted while I was writing my response. Oh, well. At least we agree. :D

Thanks, that about cleared up all the questions I had.
The colour of the head does not cause any pain btw, Damfino. I just think a uniformly coloured dick would be nicer ^^

And I’m not going to worry about the foreskin anymore for now, since it doesn’t cause me any pain or problems, nor is it visually gross. The only grief I have is that it causes my penis not to be “smooth all the way through” :)

Thanks again for the replies, both of you!

Originally Posted by Jericho
The colour of the head does not cause any pain btw, Damfino. I just think a uniformly coloured dick would be nicer ^^

Being uncut (and mild ex-paraphimotic), AFAIK it is not uncommon for uncut guys (especially ones whose foreskin wasn’t retracted) to have a redder glans compared with shaft.

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