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Would appreciate advice as I get started - looking for 1.5" girth and 1" length

Would appreciate advice as I get started - looking for 1.5" girth and 1" length

My goals with PE are to increase girth 1.5” and length 1”.

Background: I am in my late twenties and have a small flaccid penis - length is good at 4-5 inches but for whatever reason I have no flaccid girth. Normally I measure between 6 and 6.6” EL with 7”BPEL at most. My EG is about 5.5” or a tad bigger. Today, because my cock looked fat to her, my GF measured and it was 6”EG. Still 6” EG didn’t seem big but I commented that a .5” increase would be a lot (based on the size of a Gillette shave gel can). She said it wouldn’t be a big gain leading me to think that she would like a very fat cock (later she said she liked the extra thickness.)

I screw like a tornado and like it rough with tons of pounding and action. At my present size the banging hurts her nearly every time on the inside. I don’t want to get beyond 7.2” in EL but would like to be a solid 7” around. To me that would be a great cock size, especially if it was bigger flaccid.

I have been considering the newbie routine. Maybe that is a place to start for three weeks. However, would anyone recommend that I just work on girth exercises to start? Are these too dangerous for a newbie. How about using a pump instead?

Appreciate any opinions. Lots of guys seem to care about length, but I at my present size I already seem to touch the right spots when we use the right positions.


Read the stickies for the newbie routine and workout advice.

Start out with jelqing and stretching just to prepare. Move on to more advanced girth measures about a month or so into it.

Your penis is larger than average in both erect and flaccid dimensions. If you want to do PE, do it for yourself, not your girlfriend. Seven inches of girth is off the scale of “normal” and she’ll find it very difficult to do oral on you (if you two do that). Now that you have my opinion :) I’ll answer your question. The newbie routine is the way to go for anyone starting PE. It helps condition your penis for more advanced moves. All girth work is advanced. Don’t be in a hurry, especially with girth exercises. You’ll injure yourself and set back your progress significantly.

You may find that after a month of the newbie routine, especially if you include Kegels, you’ll find that you have firmer erections and a penis that is stronger and more able to satisfy both you and your partner. You may not need to progress to other routines at all.

BTW, girth gains are much harder to obtain than length gains. Looking for 1.5” in extra girth is asking for a long, difficult journey.

If you’re hurting her now, why would you want to make it worse?

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

She doesn’t know how big a difference .5 inches can be, don’t take that as she will definitely want more. 6.5 and 7 is huge.


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