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Your fat pad and how it relates to PE

Your fat pad and how it relates to PE

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or experience on doing the program with a significant fat pad. Like around 2 inches.

I have lost some weight and probably a little off my original fat pad (at my fattest?), but who knows how long it could take me to lose a significant amount of fat..

So, how does one combat the fat pad to truly utilize the exercises (jelqing and later on clamping perhaps)?

I obviously want to minimize the whole ‘bat’ effect, so any constructive and thoughtful advice would be helpful.

I did actually try using some tape to try and push it back and away and that works, but is uncomfortable after awhile. I was also thinking of using an old belt that I put extra holes in to tighten around that area to push it back and way as well.

I mainly want to go for girth as when the fat pad gets down I have a pretty good length (erect), but girth is merely ‘average’ as my gf puts it. I am very insecure with my penis (I’m obviously not alone), but would like to change that.

I realize I need to lower my fat percentage, that will come in time, but I don’t want to sacrifice time on the PE front.. The sooner the better, if nothing else for my mental and sexual well being..

I can’t be the only fat bastard here.. So help a bastard out.. We need hefty dicks too man.

BTW: My gf has her ‘favorite’ dildo that she uses and it’s girth is about 6 inches and usable length is 6 inches. She, like most women, likes girth. However I’m not interested in doing this for her, I want this for me.

The best thing you can do is lots of cardio, this is the ideal way to lose fat. But you already know that.

Aim for length until you have lost the fat, stretching isn’t a problem when you have a lot of fat. Also horses for girth is an idea and aim at the lower part of your penis which will help to reduce the bat effect. Remember that horses are advanced exercise and that you need 3 months of steady PE before you do them.

Thanks for the advice about the cardio.. Yeah, I already figured as much. However I have lost some fat just by weight training.. Most possibly water weight accounts for most of the loss. The real loss for me was in overall roundness, which has lessened some.

But really the point of my post was to get a dialog going on how best to pursue jelqing..

How best to describe my problem..

When I jelq there is so much skin from the fat pad I have a hard time doing so without also pulling my scrotum and so on up with each stroke.

I have found that it is possible to lift and compress the fat out of the way using medical tape.. But this is very uncomfortable.. That’s why I was thinking something along the lines of an old belt.. Modified perhaps..

But, I can’t be the only one with this problem.. So is there anyone else out there with tips or ideas?

Also.. Personally, I’m not that hot about getting it all that much longer.. A little longer but mostly I want girth.. I’m about 4.5” at midpoint.. That’s just not cutting it. From what I see and hear not just here, but in general, it’s the girth more than anything else that matters. Length is a mixed bag because many women have a hard time with longer than 8”.. I mean even 7’ can be hard for some. It ends up being problematic with certain positions and with how hard you can ‘pound’ and so on. I mean I can bottom out on my gf and I’m not really that long IMO.

I know girth is where it’s at….

More surface area covered means for pleasure for her… period… everybody knows that the first 2 or 3 inches of the vaginal opening are where the nerves are… so length only works so much… in terms of friction and sustained thrust. Girth gives you the most productive surface area gains…..

But my personal viewpoints aside… some advice would be nice. I’m fairly sure there are many silent readers that never post (like me), who (also like me) have fat pad problems as well.

Oddly I have the opposite problem. Shorter length (5.5 BP) with the fat pad but 5.75 girth. So I’d be interested in how to reduce it also.

I gather (and I’ve now lost 18.5 lbs in 6 weeks - going for at least another 10) that spot reducing is impossible, you just have to burn off fat and the cardio exercise takes the fat from everywhere you have it (love handles, etc.) equally?? In approximate percentage that you originally acquired it?

Wearing a corset while doing PE might help to put the fat away.

I’ve never actually seen one in real life.. But I don’t think they are made for pubic area fat..

I think the belt idea is the best one I’ve had so far. It really does let me get to those.. Hard to reach area’s.


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