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1/2" girth = WOW

Originally Posted by bigdick1
Do you guys use a cock ring that fits behind the balls are just your shaft base only?

For me, it depends on the type of session, but generally, I put it around the full package. I’ve gained a bit over .5” in girth, going from 6” to 6.7”, primarily from a strong routine of jelqs, a host of bends, and lots pumping. I pump daily now - when I’m done, I wear the ring for 30 min increments for about 2 hours post-session. My cock hangs nice and fat all day, well after I’ve taken the ring off for good.

Starting stats: 7.5" BPEL x 6.2" MEG

Current Stats BPEL: 8.2" [NBPEL: 7.6"] EG: 6.8" - Goal: 9x7 and beyond (going Diesel Big!)

My Progress Thread/Log - Tracking progress with the iLogPE App

Originally Posted by Smallja

I’m in the same boat, bro. 4.5” MSEG. And feeling the same way.. But I’ll just keep hopeful that I can see a .5” to .75” increase. Saw this thread the other day, which has pics of a guy who worked his way up to (at that point in time) 7” npb x 5.25”, it’s not an 8x6, but to me that cock is impressive. And it’s a real attainable goal I’d say for my starting size (albeit close to an ideal end goal): What do you think?

That pic represents a .75” MSEG girth gain for each of us.I’d like to think I’d be happy with that, or even 5” mseg if that’s all I could get (.75” girth gains can be attained, but they seem rarer than .5” gains). I’ve had girls come back for more at 4.5” MSEG but I definitely know it is viewed as ‘skinny’ and/or ‘small’ by most chicks.

Just curious - what’s your base girth? Mine gets slightly fatter at the base. I’m 4.75” BEG. So if you’re like me, then maybe you can attain closer to a thick girth than you’d think. Id like to think that even with only a .25” girth gain (not at all uncommon), I’d find some comfort in knowing that at least my BEG could now be considered ‘average’ at 5”. Being definitively statistically below average is very nervewracking for someone as neurotic as myself. I think just the feel of a thicker cock in my hands, even an only slightly thicker cock, would vastly improve my mental state and how I view myself. Don’t wanna go predicting things like this before I even gain, but it’s just what I think would happen.


Bro, if my penis looked like that and/or had those measurments by the end of my journey I will be ecstatic :)

Does girth come with the increase in penis size?

In my opinion the older pics looks better. I think you have lost some erection, also the glance is not that impressive anymore and the overall color is different. I think you had already very impressive dick in the first place.


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