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It’s almost been 3 months now. How has the stretching only routine been going for you? Made any gains yet Smallja?

Thanks for asking, still have not started! Am giving myself until January 2014 before I start, so as to allow my injury as much time as possible to recover. In January it will have been over a year and a half of no PE, and I think this is about as much stagnant off time that I can accept before beginning PE again.

My injury so far has improved from where it was - at this point I’ve accepted that I might always have nagging pains from nerve damage/disruption, but at least I can feel my dick and get erections! So that’s good, right? LOL…just won’t be trying jelqs again, they aren’t for me.

I will keep everyone posted when I begin my stretching-only efforts in January - hoping to get half an inch or more by July of next year. Still seems so far away!