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8 x 6 Possible and Good?


Originally Posted by LongVehicle
I agree, length seems to be the biggest factor in visual foreplay.

A 8.5x5 will look a lot shorter/smaller than a 8.5x6.5.

I disagree, 8.5x5 will appear to be LONGER than 8.5x6.5. 8.5x6.5 is obviously “fatter”.

Originally Posted by Yanni
A 8.5x5 will look a lot shorter/smaller than a 8.5x6.5.

Obviously if the length isn’t changing and you are just increasing girth. But most people would agree that to the untrained eye, a 9x5 looks bigger than an 8x6.

Originally Posted by ahund
Some girl told me; “Why is it that you big guys don’t know HOW to do it?” (That was BEFORE we had sex, obviously. LOL)
Good question. It’s the old story, big guys often rely on their size to be enough in itself to satisfy a woman. By just putting it in their, they think that they wilil give any woman great satisfaction. Not true for most..
Good luck!

I always thought it was the other way around. Being big makes you more careful when penetrating a woman (as pain is more oboius to spot than nothing at all - like you would get with a small penis)… I think.

It’s harder to just put it in and start thrusting with a larger than average wang. You have to pay more attention (which makes you a better lover, in time - right?).

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