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ADH and Concealment

ADH and Concealment

I have recently purchased a few shaft collars that should be in the mail any day (also looking into something from the chaingang). I went to test out concealment with a current noose weight, which I won’t be using. It isn’t very comfortable. Tried commando with my usual attire, and it is fairly unnoticeable, but it can be seen when the weight is swaying back and forth. Of course, the shaft collars will have a different show, but for an idea.

I’m around people very frequently throughout my day and I would really like to not draw any attention.

I do have a Captn’s wench, but it won’t give me any weight.

Any suggestions on clothing that I could look into? I normally will weird joggers, though not the super tight ones.

I just got a new one I’m that should work a bit better. It’s 1 1/4” bore and does fit a bit snugger. I’ll be trying it tonight.

With the silicone sleeve on, then the collar around it, it should work well.

Starting Stats - BPFSL: 13cm, BPEL: 13.5cm

Current Stats - BPFSL: 15.4cm, BPEL: 14.6cm

All stats are pre warmup. Starting Stats taken on 8/20, restarted with those same stats 2/21 due to lack of dedication.


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