Advice on fixing Inclination from the base

Hi everyone , I´m an old member , I apologize a thread on the newbie forum but it seems the number of my posts are gone and I needed something like twelve more to post in the main member area. I´ve been back on PE for almost a year now a year now after being off for several years as well. I´ve started PE with a pretty straight unit , and now I´ve got an inclination , starting from the base , something like a ” \ ” shape. Seems the inclination starts from the base. My routine consists basically of V- Stretching and jelqing , I´ve tried a sided V - stretch , with the fold on the very bottom , against the inclination , but so far hasn’t produced noticeable results. Jelqing seems to only worsen the problem . Also changed to jelqing against the inclination , with no good results as well. I´ve found some other threads about fixing inclinations but none about a one that starts on the base . ( If there happens to be a thread about it please direct me to it ).

So I could use ideas or routines on how to straighten it , I´ve thought about pumping as well , but I had tried in the past as a part of a routine and had bad experiences with it , it doesn’t work well for me.

Any advice is welcomed , thank you !!