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Anyone randomly have an overnight noticeable increase in size

Anyone randomly have an overnight noticeable increase in size

Last week I woke up and my dick was about 1/2 of an inch thicker and it looked crazy. It was not a post-workout thing either. I was so happy for that morning. I didn’t do any PE and just prayed it would stay the same next time I checked. The next morning I checked and it was back to normal.

I think it was due to an usual wank I had the previous night (Lying down, fast and hard). Also I didn’t have any of that lymph fluid you get from pumping, it was a legit erection, I pushed the sides and everything, it was proper hard where the blood was pushing out in the CC chambers. I am on a light PE routine when I can manage but nothing that would cause that overnight result!

But yeah, I can still picture that morning and it was awesome and something to aim for but so odd. Anyone else experience anything like this?

Sadly, no.

Perhaps it was something you ate.


Originally Posted by GIRLWHOTREMBLES
Sleepy278, OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Heart explodes out of chest leaving bits of meat everywhere.

Yeah it sounds Diet related, big fresh meat meal?

Yes I have

After girth workout and good sleep

My cock is always longer and thicker when I’m laying on my side.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Not overnight, but I’ve had growth of 7 mm in a week.

I also noticed that rapid growth occurs at times when you change your routine.

maintain growth today

I have had the same experience. Like you said, very inspiring and awesome to see but disheartening to see subside….

Originally Posted by redak
Yeah it sounds Diet related, big fresh meat meal?

Guys, this could be it! The secret to making working penis pills!

Pretty possible. But it’s uncomfortably temporary. You are the second person I have met in my life who has reported something like this.

I’ve not had that per se, but I’ve woken up with erections at what feels like 110%. As if I’d done a massive kegel and jelq routine in my sleep.

It is one of my favourite things about PE.

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Nope, but like others perhaps waking up with stronger morning wood

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I’ve had that once. It was bigger in every dimension. It was pretty drastic too that I thought it was a dream and when I was up for the day it was back to normal. I still wonder if somehow it was an incredibly lucid dream where I knew I was actually awake, but maybe I was sleeping.

I know it wasn’t a dream, but that’s how I would describe it because it wasn’t a question of hmmm, does it feel bigger. It was just a lot bigger.

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