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Appearance of length vs girth


Originally Posted by Lolstar
I’m 8bpel by around 5.25mseg, so frustrating :( !

Have you ever measured your width? Just curious.

“Dammit my dear. My length:girth ratio is such that your vaginal introital resistance is causing buckling of my penile cylinder.”

Originally Posted by sirmixalot
Have you ever measured your width? Just curious.

If I remember properly its just shy of 2”, I’ll do it tonight if I remember, I know my dick is a lot wider across than down though, which, if I remember correctly, has more potential for girth gains?

I have to agree with persian. To kimish: You may want to consider the rolling pin method to widen that diameter. It is unfortunate that a man with 5.2 eg is considered thin by a woman’s perspective due to an unusual diameter to depth ratio, with regard to what is considered a normal shape for circumference of mans cock ah.

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Perception is reality.

I sometimes get depressed when I Think about the fact that I am now 8.25 BP by about an average of slightly over 5 inches girth, but I attempt to remind myself that women judge you for far more than your penis, but a longer dick that is proportionally skinner is still “big” to most girls. If your packin 7+NBP, than if you have 4.5+ in girth, if asked between big and small, most women would still say “Big”, same thing if you are 5.5X5.5, I would bet the same. I don’t want to get into a pissin contest about averages, I just believe that the average girl is a little more down to earth (albeit unknowingly) than we think. Also, if there is anything to take away from this thread, it’s that girls don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. A guy who is 5’5 130 is better off with 5.5NBPX4.5 penis than a guy who is 6’5X250 with a 7.5 NBPX5.5. The one size is drastically larger in volume, but from a cosmetic standpoint, and in the eyes of many women, they might as well be the same size.

Originally Posted by cervixhunter
The article you’ve quoted (from 1998) is one of a series of more articles on the same issue. My source was a more recent article (2003), having your article as one of the references:

So basically if your penis gets longer so the diameter/length ratio decreases and your tunica doesn’t get thicker, wouldn’t that increase your chance of injury and also ED. I guess this, if accurate, would be a good argument for some girth work and some tunica hardening/conditioning?

I agree with the girth work, keeping the original proportions. I don’t think hardening the tunica to be a good idea - anyway, I don’t know how that could be done voluntarily.

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If your girth gets larger, I can’t see how tunica wouldn’t be affected. Either it gets thinner (more stretch) or it adapts and gets relatively thicker when soft, so when it get erect, it stays the same erect thickness. Recall:

“Tunica albuginea is one of the strongest fasciae in the human body. In a flaccid state it is up to 2.4 mm thick and during erection it becomes as thin as 0.25 to 0.5 mm, thus becoming vulnerable to fracture.”

Edit: warning about pdf as it’s kinda gross.

http://www.ayub … /21-3/Badar.pdf

Sorry, cervixhunter, I missed the “voluntarily” part.


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