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Are PE gains permanent


As long as you cause plastic deformation gains will last a good while , elastic gains will disappear quickly . I think the elastic gains is what your penis is telling you what you can make permanent . permanent meaning a good while or long term. I have come to see that their is a difference between the two, maybe in 2015, I will have a year of better and smarter PE and hopefully will show in better gains.

I got some indication that there are indeed permanent gains. For example, I got that “ribcage” look on the side of my dick from doing horseshoe squeezes that lasted for years after I totally stopped PE cold.

I think you lose erectile quality due to age and other factors. And that is usually reflected in angle, and size and when and how much stimulation you need to get it.

In my case, I also have started drinking more, getting stressed more, and getting hurried in sex more. All of which leave me @ 75 or 80 % of what I was when I was in my teens.

I am drumming it into my wife that what I want to do now, is enjoy the ride. I am hoping she’ll help me get and be harder for longer, whatever the end result of each session may or may not be.


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