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Attention from new "flaccid" size. Your experiences?


Attention from new "flaccid" size. Your experiences?

I have been PEing for years and although I have not really gained a ton in length, maybe a 1/2 in or so I have gain 3/4 or more of an inch in girth.

The most fun part about PE has been my new found knowledge on how to maintain a large flaccid size. I used to have to fluff or concentrate on it and frankly it seemed a little pervy. Now I can wear and almost invisible “stayer” and keep a huge flaccid size.

It is both funny and exciting to see the reactions. For instance we just went on vacation and I headed out to the hot tub in the complex. There were some guys and girls in the tub, all about 35 to 50 years old. Everyone was pretty nice. I joined in the conversation. I then sat up on the side tub (inground hot tub) and let my swimsuit cling to my dick running down my leg. I saw one of the wives lean over and tell her girl friend and she looked. The one even got up and told her friend at the table. Before she could she, I went back in the water and made her wait. After a few minutes, I sat on the side again and she kind of squealed and ran back to her friend. It was so funny because I was talking to the guys and they weren’t paying attention and they were handing me beers.

I was pretty tame as far as size that day, but at least over 7” in length and over 5 to 6 in girth. It is really mostly soft too.

Tell us more about the “stayer”. What is it and how does it work? Any more good stories like the one you just posted?

Ya come on dude tell more about how you do it.

Basically I use a a type of Wrist wrap. My penis once I pumped or jelqed or used a clamp gets very flexible. I can put a wrist wrap at the base and blood stays in it but it is not hard so it just looks like a big softie.

My wife had to leave eraly on vacation so I punped up and then put on a wrap. Basically the wrap is 2.5” and at lease 5 or 6 inches of length was showing. When I pump my base is 7” and my head is about 6”. I have grey swimsuit it is really cool but it is a flex/stretch boardshort. When you get out of the water, it forms perfectly to your penis. It was so funny, because the first day my wife was gone, I made sure I was maximum size. I was out there early on a lounge chair. The place gets packed. So this family of all older ladies. Mom 40, daughter 20 and two moms and anuts about 60 sit down next to me. I put the seam of my trunks at the base almost bone of my cock, so the entire length runs down the leg. THey get there and the oldest (not good looking one) sits next to me. I think I scared the other ones. So she just starts talking to me and involving me in their whole family. As I said I do not need to see pervy, because it will stay just like I left it. After a while, it just seemed like it was no big deal.

Then I went in the water and they followed me. The one lady goes to the other lady, where are you going? She said, you know, it is my turn to check it out. I just smiled.

So the last day, I got the guts to wear my yellow board shorts. They are translucent. If my cock is pressed against it you can see dark skin. This was the last day and I pumped for almost 45 minutes. I would get I was about 8.5 x6 plus but I looked totally soft. I got out to the pool and almost the same thing happened. I was laying on a lounge chair and family of 3 women came, 20,40 and 60 years old. So guess who sits next to me? The grandma. Within about 5 minutes she is talking to me. It is so funny because she call easily see my cock. She asks me, I see you are wearing a ring, where is your wife. I tell he she had to go home etc…

Basically instead of looking like a perve, they were just kind of hanging out with me.

I am curious, as well. I am mainly focusing on erect gains, but stories like yours for flaccid size make me want mine to be noticeable. :)

I think the big thing is that with a stayer, I never have to touch my cock to keep it large and if you have a big one for a long time (facing straight down) no one will think your are excited. THey just think you have a big one.

The funny stuff is that I wil lbe in the hot tub and it is fun with just one girl, but if there is more than one, they always tell their friend (90% of the time). I saw a girl about 18 turn around in the hot tub, tell her mom and watch her mom take a peak and gigle with her daughter. I just laughed. They think they are getting one over on you.

Did you have to build up to be able to wear it for a long period of time?

You really should post some pics of that whopper. :p

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I would say yes. It still bugs me sometimes. But the key is the flexible state. Also a little excitement keeps the blood flowing. If anything at times like that, you have to force blood out and keep it fresh.

The other funny situations are the accidental bathroom exposures. I will just hold my dick where the stayer is and expose length and the entire first 5 or 6 inches. I have caught many women staring when in the past I would be embarrassed, but no it is a turn on because it is so big. When my son a was a little longer, I would go and pee with me son and then let him leave early while I was still peeing. He holds the door open exposing me. I am like Joey, close the door! A coupkle of women will look and see me and think it was total accident.

Originally Posted by gprent
You really should post some pics of that whopper. :p

It is more like an all day compression. It does help size.

You can still pee with that thing on. I’d rather you post a picture with the wrap on so we see what’s it’s like.

You can pee with it on, but I would not recomend it. Basically it will hold pee in behind it that is not forced out. That pee can actual cause a UTI.

Other poeple have posted here with a stayer before. They used wrist wraps etc. Nothing new, just years of experience. I can be any size I want all day.

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