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Ball Zinger Question

Ball Zinger Question

At the mcmaster site I can only find the zinc rods and not the copper. Can you get the copper rods from that site? Also when I make a ballzinger I only wear it when my balls are wet or what? And what is this saline solution im reading about in the other threads?

If you want to try a zinger there is no need to bother with rods. Use two pennies: A $.02 Ball Zinger

For the copper, I’ve used flexible tubing from plumbing supply/home depot - the food-grade stuff they plumb ice makers in refrigerators with. Problem is it’s sold in big rolls, and you only need a couple inches.

The saline solution was to try to boost voltage. I don’t recall anyone doing too well with it. The .02 ball zinger is a nice invention ;-)

When it’s warm and you start to sweat a little, you’ll get more zing from the zinger. If you really want to get fancy, get some of the conductive gel they use for EKGs and such. (I’ve never gotten that fancy.)

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