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Bed Fowfer ADVICE

Bed Fowfer ADVICE

Hey, im trying to do bed Fowfer, i have read all the topics about it, but i will need some advice to make it right.

My balls are a little bit tight after my circumcition, and when i put my dick betwern the chicks and i lay down (stomaxh up), my ball get in the way.. and its paintful…

So could you please allow me an advice to make it right all night longo… i will appreciate it.

I do bed fowfers every single night, to the point where now it’s comforting for me.

It’s easy, at the same time that you pull and stretch your unit down , grab your ball sack and pull them up. So that your unit is on either right side or left side of your balls allowing the sack to sit right on top of everything. That way, your balls aren’t being squeezed by your legs or anything else and are safe. Hope this helps.

Start- Nov 2017 BPEL-7.2 NBPEL-6.75 MEG-4.75

Updated- BPEL-7.75 NBPEL-7.2 MEG-5

*GOAL- BPEL-8 NBPEL-7.5 MEG-5.5* My journey —>New Guy In Town Progress Report

I cant reach my cheeks, but i get a good fowfer between my thigh and bottom of my sack

Starting stats BPEL: 5 in. MSEG: 4 1/4 in

Current stats BPEL 5.4 in. MSEG 4 1/4 in.

Goal BPEL: 6 in. MSEG: 5 in.

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