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Best Tunica Stretch for Girth?

Best Tunica Stretch for Girth?

I’m looking for a method which directly stretches the tunica, without the engorgement from blood, i.e. jelqing, clamping, etc.

What I mean is, say the tunica were a piece of fabric… now imagine grabbing either side of the fabric and stretching it out. Obviously you can’t grab the tunica like that, but the idea is to directly apply a load to the tunica without the use of blood.

The only real method I’ve seen on this is Orange Bends, which I think are great, but which I can’t gain with anymore.

My Girlfriend said those lovely words…

I’m looking for a method like this because I’ve gone to the utmost extremes of clamping and am not able to gain girth like that anymore either. I feel a direct stretching of the tunica would be a better way to gain, and wouldn’t contribute to discolouration or lymph buildup.

I had my mind on fulcrum hanging recently, with the thought that stretching out the cock over a curved object would stretch the tunica, but completely failed with that.

The inspiration for this idea came from the thread below, but I never even got a mm of girth gain from those:

Using golf weights to stretch- the best fulcrum stretching I’ve EVER done

I know there has to be some method that’s better, but I can think of nothing. Maybe some of the PE innovators out there can help.

Fulcrum stretches over a thick cylinder and spiral stretches.

Spiral streches, I looked and couldn’t find anything on them are you meaning bundled streches?

Fulcrum stretches must be the best for girth over a thich fulcrum like marinera said.. and stretch long holds, in different angles on the shaft so you have covered all areas.

I like to begin at the right downside 7’ o clock and working my way up to 11’ o clock than switch to the opposite side. So to be more specific I do three stretches at each side.. 6 stretches total.. 7, 9, 11- 5, 3, 1 o clock :-)

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

Hey monochrome,

If you’re still here, what’s the diameter / circumference of the fulcrum you use? And how much girth do you gain per session?

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