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Best water-soluable jelq lube and must-take supplements


Best water-soluable jelq lube and must-take supplements

Just wanted to get some opinions on the best lube for jelqing that can be cleaned up with just water. I’d like something that cleans up very easily since I just don’t like the feeling of walking around with a greasy penis.

Also, what are some must-take supplements for PE? I’ve heard many different things tossed around, but wanted to see what everyone thought the most benefitial ones were.

I use babyoil for Jelqing, very clean.

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one third grapeseed oil, one third cornhuskers lotion, one third udder cream


one half grapeseed oil, one fourth cornhuskers lotion, one fourth udder cream

Whatever you use, please check out KY Liquid. Don’t confuse this with the traditional KY Jelly. Same company, completely different product. The liquid is completely water soluble and cleans up with a couple of splashes of water. I use this stuff religiously. BTW, it is awesome for sex as well.


I use Naqi massage lotion Ultra. This is ideal for me.
I used to use baby massage oil, which is very good for jelqing but which has to be removed by washing it off.
The naqi massage lotion can simply be wiped off with a towel or a cloth and you will have no sticky feeling left. Or you can just leave it, w/o wiping it off. You will not feel it.

Here’s a link to them :



You can also try WET, it works well for both PEing and sex. Or mineral oil which is absorbed into the skin leaving your penis soft and supple. (sorry guys its a girl thing).

As far as supplements go, try L-Argine and Lysine, they have worked wonders for 403.

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I use KY Liquid, very neat and tidy…


I use lotion. It’s very inexpensive and available. It comes off with a towel or water. Its good for your skin too.

-Tom Sizemore-


I use lotion. It’s very inexpensive and available. It comes off with a towel or water. Its good for your skin too.

-Tom Sizemore-

L-arginine base version or if you want BIG and HARD erections go for N0X2 by Pinnacle :)

I use Lubriderm for sensitive skin. It doesn’t produce the friction baby oil seems to and it’s very good for the skin.

KY liquid is great, they even make a “warming liquid” version that heats up the skin on contact.


I use KY liquid, got the sample 6 pac on chance since I didnt like the gel formula and fell in love with the liquid with my first jelq session.

I leave lotions and balms for after work outs so i get a nice soft member. ;)

I use “Wet Lite” for jelqing, it seems to keep lubricated for my 15 minute sessions.

What gets put on externally in a high blood rich environment (skin with lots of capillaries and veins below the surface will be absorded into the blood

Think about it if you would not eat it then don’t use it externally

The pores still absorb .

Use a food oil .don’t be lazy you are worth the 10 seconds it takes to wipe it off


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