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Brief Interruption. What should I do?

Brief Interruption. What should I do?

My fiancee’ and I have a guest coming to visit for a couple of days starting Tuesday evening. During this time, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to do my PE sessions. I usually don’t/can’t do PE in the bathroom. I just feel uncomfortable there for some reason. What can I do for this interruption of 3-4 days?

Just rest. Nothing terrible is going to happens :) .

Is the guest female?

Is she hot?

3-4 days interruption will not cause any harm to your progress.

Take care.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

If you feel the absolute need to do something PE related, do a few stretches in the shower. Doesnt take long and no one would ever know. Or, you could simply rest.

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I was in the same boat here this last week with my family being here for Christmas. I just rested. No harm done.

I’ve recently cemented (I think) 6 3/4” NBPEL X 5 1/2” EG. I’m very enthused by this increase in EG and am concerned that if I have an interruption, I will regress. I might just try to do about 50 jelqs in the bathroom on the off days… just as maintenance.

I think that is a great idea if you can get away with it.

I had to take a few 2 weeks breaks when I was really actively PE as opposed to just maintaining with 2 or 3 light sessions a week. I believe that these breaks actually kept my penis fresh and receptive to keep on growing with the newbie routine. So welcome those few days and remember… no one knows when you are kegeling;)

Unless you make wierd facial expressions or are doing them when erect. :D


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