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Clamping & Jelqing

Clamping & Jelqing

Hello there, it has been a while since my last post in TP maybe because of my university’s tight schedule but I am still PEing, that is the important thing :) .

A week ago I included clamping in my routine which consists in only jelqing (I did stretching exercises for the first three months so it is okay), I do not have negative indicators or injuries from the clamping exercises but my doubts remain in the order of the exercises, I mean should I jelq first then clamp or should I clamp first then jelq? I look in the forum for this but all I got were mixed opinions.

Excuse my bad english, not my first language.

I think it would make sense to do the clamping afterwards as the jelqing session can be seen as a warm-up session to a more intense exercise. A word of advice though, be VERY careful with the clamping and introduce it to your routine SLOWLY.

All the times I`ve tried clamping in the past, it started with huge expansion and good EQ, but ended with horrible EQ for a long while. I may try it one more time in the future, but I will then start super slowly with 2-3 minute light intensity sets and take it from there. My mistake may have been that I did too much too fast, especially since it felt good and my penis looked huge. It did not last for long though. I`ve heard other people with similar experiences as mine and then you have people who clamp all day and maintain sky high EQ. We`re all different.

Good luck!

PS: Just as I wrote this, I see that there are two “similar threads” below which apparently discusses the same thing :)

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I also think it makes senses that clamping should go after jelqing, clamping is more intense.

Today I did 3 sets of 3 minutes, so far no pain or bad EQ, I think I am not overdoing it so I should be ok. Maybe I am not having problems yet because I am not using a clamp to clamp, instead I use my hand to make a manual clamp, for me it is more comfortable, secure and I can adjust the pressure anytime…besides I am not a fan of using tools for my exercises, what happens if the devices does something weird or unexpected and chops my penis haha.

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