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Cool Tie for Warm Up


Cool Tie for Warm Up

Hey guys,

It’s about to start getting real hot in my next of the woods. Remaining cool is a constant struggle when spending a lot of time outdoors. Recently my girlfriend brought home a few "Cool Ties" that she bought from a local craft show. A Cool Tie is basically a flat piece of cloth 2" wide by about 40" long that’s filled with a bunch of small water crystals. Water crystals absorb up to 400 times their weight in water, and expand to make clear gel-like crystals. 1 oz. of polymer crystals will absorb up to 1 gallon of distilled water.

What you do is place the cool tie in a bowl of cool water for 30 minutes or so and it swells up and fills out the cloth as the water crystals soak up the water. Then you tie it around your neck and stay cool for up to 2 hours. Once the coolness wears off, you simply put the tie in the fridge for another 30 minutes and it’s ready to go again.

Anyways, I was reading on the instructions included with the ties, and it stated that the ties can also be used to retain heat. Of course my mind immediately turned to PE and using the tie for warming up prior to a PE session. All you have to do different is soak the tie in a bowl of warm water instead of cold. It should retain the heat throughout your entire workout (within limits). The crystals will stay inflated for 4 or 5 days before you have to re-soak it in a bowl of water again. During that time, just pop the tie in the microwave for less than 10 seconds and you’re good to go.

One thing I really like about the cool tie is that I can wrap it around the base of my dick (and ligs) fairly tight so that it stays on during my entire PE session. Constant heat!

Another great benefit to using the cool tie as a hot wrap is that there’s a good reason for having it around the house. If your partner/family asks what the heat is for, just tell them that your neck is bothering you and the heat relaxes the tension.

You can purchase the Cool Tie from a lot of websites on the net. One site I found with online ordering that looks decent is .

Also, if you’re feeling crafty you can buy the crystals separately and build your own cool tie (hot wrap). One site I found that sells the water crystals separately is The Artistic Shop .

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I love cool ties! I used to use them in the summer when working outside. I haven’t seen them in years though.

Sounds like the perfect convenient heat source in any PE routine. Even wrapping a Pump cylinder.
How thick is a Cool Tie as a result of being filled with water crystals?

> Of course my mind immediately turned to PE and using the tie for warming up prior to a PE session<

So sad, so true. Is there nothing we won’t stop at? I can’t walk through Bed Bath and Beyond with the wife and not consider the potential PE value of nearly 90% of the kitchen utensiles I come across.
When I think about my woman’s thongs I’m not thinking panties, you know?

Philadelph, you should try it out as a warm up device, it works great!

Cap, at first (maximum capacity) the wrap swells up to about 1 1/2” wide, and about 4” in girth. One thing I’ve found out through a few days use is that the crystals in the tie slowly deflate in the days following the initial swell-up. The best wrap I’ve had so far was on the second day of deflation when the crystals were about halfway full. It fit great after immediately removing it from the bowl of water on the first day, but it was perfect once it deflated halfway.

Lol, I know exactly what you mean about Bed Bath and Beyond. My girlfriend is starting to question why I’ve been so enthusiastic about going to “her” stores lately. As long as we don’t experiment with the possible-PE items in the store, then I think we’ll be alright. :D

Don’t these ties soak whatever item of clothing they are next to?

If not - I am definately going to look into these - I sweat like a MF the whole time and this might just help cool me down a bit…..

See Ya,


Hey BigJ,

Nope, the water is absorbed by the crystals inside the tie and held there. The tie is a little damp right after you take it out of the bowl, but not enough to soak any clothing it touches. Even if it did, it would be better than sweat. :) For the next 4 or 5 days when you cool it back off by placing it in the fridge, it doesn’t get wet at all.

Another thing to consider:

If you’re thinking about using a Cool Tie for warming up, consider the length of it. Try to find the shortest one you can, but not less that 10”. The one I have is 40” long and I have to keep the excess out of the way.

Although, if you do get a longer one, you can always tie the excess around your balls. This would help prevent turkey neck and maybe even stretch out your balls a little bit. I did it this morning on my first hanging set and it worked great.

Stevie, they pass these out on the job for us to stay cool, I never wanted one, but it looks like I will take one and try it now, not on the job of course :)


Hey Hooper,

That’s cool man, you should grab a couple if you can. One to stay cool while at work and one for PE. These things are really great for maintaining constant heat while hanging/stretching.

The crystals for these are usually available from shops selling garden supplies as they are added to pot plants to help stop them drying out. Not too hard to sew a tube the required length. I’m in New Zealand so I can’t give you the name of US stores or brand names - sorry - but here we call the shops “Garden Centres” and I think the crystals are called something like crystal rain. I actually made myself one of these for keeping cool but Imight just try it for PE.

Sounds like a great idea. Do you know any stores(not online ones) that carry these?

Yes Home depot or lowers stocks them in their gardening department.

I picked one of these up in Australia. Great they are. How many are using cool ties? Especially long term members, with considerable gains. Are they effective? I tend to use them after PE. I warm my member up by dipping in a cup of hot water, and continually topping up with hotter water. I then use the cool tie afterwards. Occasionally making a trip to the microwave for some more heat.

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Hey guys I know I’m new to this, but wouldn’t a small electric heating pad be more convenient? Some even come with temperature control, and a “damp pad” for moist heat. No fuss, No mess, No trips to the microwave. I appreciate your thoughts on this.

Here’s a place online which sells this product $4.99, free shipping:

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