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Correlation between BPFSL and BPEL gains?

Correlation between BPFSL and BPEL gains?

What are y’alls opinons on this relation. Since I’ve been paying attention to my BPFSL gains I’ve noticed a 2:1 ratio versus BPEL gains. At 7.75” BPEL I had a BPFSL of 8”.
Now at 8” BPEL my BPFSL is 8.5”.

.5 : .25 => 2 : 1

Has anyone had similiar results?

"You can't judge a fisherman by the size of his boat, but a bigger boat sure makes his job easier!"- unknown "Its not the size of the boat, its the motion in the ocean. Yeah but it takes a long time to get to England in a rowboat!" - Jeff Foxworthy June 2002: BPEL:6.5-6.75" EG:5.5-5.75" ? (Toilet Paper tube girth) October 2003 BPEL:8.0" EG:6.5" mid 7.0" @ Base February 2005 same :( New Year's Resolution: Lose 15 lbs and break this stupid plateau!!!!

bpfsl +2.25

bpel +2.00

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

side note

I posted a suggestion a while ago that perhaps BPFSL is a leading indicator of BPEL. I’ve seen my BPFSL increase but no BPEL yet (so this is wishful thinking). I haven’t been doing a very consistent program for very long yet.

bpfsl = 8.5” (DESPERATELY TRYING TO get up to 8.66” - 8.75” )

bpel = 8”

well I guess I’m stuck right where you are shortwide !

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