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Not sure if this is normal, but I have curvature only when flaccid, and it’s to the right, might be because of masturbation habits, but I doubt it because then most would have them to the right I guess :D

Yes, it is to the right every time it is in my pants as well and I have a small curvature upward also, which might be because when I was younger every time I do try to put my member facing up and right :D

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I think it has to do with the way you stroke and pressure your cc while mastrubating… This stroking or tugging over the years depending on how and pressure points is the exact reason jelqing works… that is always what I have thought but never enough to make a post relating to it.

Another thought

How about when our bodies were growing in the womb affecting the curvature.

Look at various ultrasound photos. The fetuses are in various positions from being more stretched out to very hunched over, etc.

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So enough theory about the cause of the curve. I curve to the left and seem to recall it started and increased as I masturbated in the early years.

What exact training do I need to do in order to straighten a slight left curve?

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I’m not sure how much science is actually in this discussion. From fifth grade going forward, I got fat, so my dick spent a lot of time inverted inside my fat pad.

One thing I have heard is that the side to which your penis leans is dependent on which testicle hangs lower. My right nut hangs lower and my dick has a wicked lean to the right.

As far as my curve goes, my wife has always loved it and says it hits her G spot perfectly. She told me not to try straightening out my dick.

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I have a big downward curve and I am sure that it comes from how I have put it in my pants when I was younger.
Unfortunatly noone told me ho to put it right.

I am doing an excersise that tries to correct the bent. I had some minimal correction but the change is shoes me that it can be at least partially fixed…

In some rare cases the curve is created if you damaged your penis when you where younger , maybe in a fight or sports….

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Honestly I wouldn’t worry about any curves you might have in your penis… Only worry if it affects your wife negitively or if it is very exaggerated, otherwise it’s quite fine

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Always open to the best way to get that length!

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I masturbate with my right hand and my dick has always been straight as an arrow with zero curve.

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Seems like the human body wins again.Some curves may be natural after all.


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I have reached my goal. At least for now.


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