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Dark spot on vein

Dark spot on vein

I have previously had erection problems, and sometimes wear a cock ring as a ‘back up’

Anyway I just had sex, and now I have noticed a ‘dark spot’ on one of my penile veins. It is dark brown and very small, only about a millimetre high and wide.

Is this anything to worry about? I must admit I am concerned after having had problems before. Anyone know what it is/if its something which will self heal, or is it serious and needs a doctor to look at?

There is no pain at all, and the penis seems normal by the way. Thanks.

It’s a small capillary rupture. It’s not a problem and will go away on its own in a couple of days max. I am guessing your cock ring over pressurized your arteries just a bit.

Wow, thanks heaps the prompt reply. Any reccomendations, I would assume no cock ring use until its gone? And do you think regular sex will be OK?

It’s nothing to worry about,most of us who do PE have the same thing happen from time to time,especially those who clamp.You can still have sex no problem but don’t use the cock ring for a few days.

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