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Does penis enlargement cause testicular enlargement?

Does penis enlargement cause testicular enlargement?

The penis and testicles share a major artery.

Testicle size varies due to cardiovascular dynamics, like the penis. “Blue balls” for instance increases their size substantially.

My testicles seem to be growing in size, though it’s hard to tell because the testicles change in size frequently.

I notice in porn, particularly well hung porn actors have larger than average testicles as well. Perhaps their testicle size is because of full package pumping, but I’ve only tried testicle pumping a few times many years ago.

I noticed my scrotum keeping pace with penis gains, but I seem to have gained in testicular measurements as well.

Testicles and the length of the scrotum grow with age generally, so my observations might be completely unrelated to PE.

I wonder though, if penis enlargement remodels the pudendal artery, would that result in increase blood flow to the testicles also? And would that cause enlargement of the testicles?

No matter how I look at it, doubling or tripling your penis size must result in remodeling of the pudendal artery to support the new tissue, which might have a downstream impact on testicles. Cardiovascular remodeling is in no way abnormal and happens continuously through life, in response to injury, in response to new perfusion requirements.

That’s not to say that arterial remodeling causes penis enlargement, it could just be the result of PE.

Are your testicles growing from PE?

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Testicle size depends mostly of environmental conditions. So I guess it’s more based on anecdotal/subjective experience.
Or we have a perfectly controlled environment and build a “replacement balance” with a pot of 37° C water. Then we can prove it by statistical means if we find enough volunteers.

By the way, that reminds me of the “Hodenbadengruppe Zürich” (the balls bathing group Zürich) which did exactly that - uniting twice a week and heat up their testicles for 30mins as alternative to pharmaceutical contraceptives of their wives/partners. And during the sessions they discussed leftist political theories. Now that’s a sense of humor they must have had. And by the way: they proved the technique is effective for natural birth control.


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In my opinion, PE does not increase testicle size. However, PE can increase the size of your scrotum which allows for lower hanging balls and the appearance of larger testicles.

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Agree with Warren.

Years of extender use significantly increased the size of my sack and gave me a HUGE turkey neck.

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I have a turkey neck scrotum too. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It seems like it’s mostly a positive thing. It makes everything look bigger when erect and adds some extra stimulation when completely penetrating. It complicates using male condoms though since a tug on the scrotum causes the condom to roll up.

Starting: 7"bplx5.2" 2017 (shrunk from disuse)(originally 8"bplx4.5", gained to 9"bplx6")

Current: 9.0"bplx6.125" 2020

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Originally Posted by dtwarren1942
In my opinion, PE does not increase testicle size. However,…

Dtwarren, I believe I read you have pumped your testicles? Did you do this regularly? Is it your opinion that PE exercise that targets the penis only will not grow testicles, or do you feel the testicles cannot be permanently enlarged?

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