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Well in my 2 years training I can say that this way worked really good for me. My EQ is crazy good compared to what it was before starting PE, sometimes during sex I have such an hard EQ that almost hurts to have it.

I don’t know if in the long run something will happen, but to be honest I think that in almost 3 years of doing this and also overtraining with this way so many times I lost the count of it, I can say this is absolutely safe and also really healthy as a normal 50% jelq, just depends from what kind of jelq works for you or not. When I really succeed and can maintain a stable jelq routine for 2 weeks, I start to notice the increase of flaccid size and sometimes I have so many casual hardons during the day that it’s almost uncomfortable when going around the city.

Also during my 3 years on TP forum I came to know a couple of other members that without high erect jelq they can barely feel something. That’s the case for me at least, not to mention that starting at 50% it feels so good that I really quick go up to 80% and If I would stop every time it would take me hours to complete my session. Having a really nice and intense jelq session without stopping once creates a really nice expansion where I can see the further gains coming.

With this way I never had to change routine in 2 years and still getting visible results both EQ and size. Really slowly, but they still come.

Also my penis when hard looks raging angry, I have a shit tons of veins never had before that keep getting bigger and create new ones. To be honest, I don’t really see the difference in jelqing at a lower E%, it’s the same process, it’s just more intense and more of a girth work, jelqing at lower grade brings more length gains compared to high erected ones, and I don’t want more length at all.

The logic of jelqing itself is to create small fractures in the capillaries of the penis and with time and rest let the body heal up increasing the size and it’s blood capability, that’s probably the reason why for example my first sign of gain is increases size/number of veins in my penis.

I have also always read 100% erect jelqing is bad, but your results are quite interesting. From the stories on these forums, 0.4” length and 0.3” girth (moreso the length) is not too much for 2 years of PE (not trying to diss you, gains are gains). But your description of having an aggressive erection is something I want as well. I would take a veiny, cherry-shiny headed erection at 7”x5.5” over a semi-raisin at 8”x6”, so I think your method is a good way to go for a more aggressive look.

I also get too easily erect when trying to jelq at 50%, after like 1 jelq (slow duration) it goes up and I have to wait for it to go back down. Very interesting perspective, I guess I’ll proceed with caution knowing that it works. Did you use OK grip or 2 hand grip?