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Enlargement surgery


Originally Posted by horsedick99

I disagree with you, I have managed to stretch the ligs and also few members in this forum.

It would be intereting to hear which others member’s ligs you’ve stretched.

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Originally Posted by PErsian
It would be intereting to hear which others member’s ligs you’ve stretched.

Bwahahahaha!!! :D

I didn’t even want to lengthen my ligs and ended up doing exactly that by stretching in a downward direction. My erection angle used to be ~20 degrees above horizontal and now it is horizontal. I don’t buy the notion that not every one can stretch their ligs. Just stretch straight down and they WILL lengthen.

Even IF the surgery is 100% successful, you will still have a nasty scar right above your penis, and you will also be more prone to an injury to your penis during wild sex due to the reduced stability. This also ignores the significant healing time and pain.

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The penis is less prone 2 injury in my opinion during sex and more unusual positions can be performed, because the penis is so flex able. The scar is minimal and fades also it is hidden by the pubic area.

This obviously depends on the individual and the surgeon and the type of procedure. If you have a small fat pad and the the scar can be as small as 2 CM or less. Post operative care is very important. I am just giving the facts as I know them and from my personal experience. I still think surgery is a very bad idea.

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some people have nothing but good things to say about surgery, but type “genome” in the search bar, it’ll open your eyes, it wasnt enlargement surgery, but surgery on his dick none the less, dont risk your dick, even if youve wieghed the options,

Andgrowing you’re a senior member here so you’ve been around Thunders a lot longer than most. Why do you think that you need to go to the extremes of surgery? Have you exhausted all other methods? From what I understand, after the surgery you still have to do some serious stretching to ensure the gains from the surgery keep.

Also, the more I read on Thunders, the more I see that most guys here suffer from a ‘small dick’ complex that isn’t real, only in their heads and created by a conversation with a girlfriend long ago where she said her ex was bigger or from watching too many Mandingo movies. This is what drives guys to join Thunders in the first place and soon realize they are normal but still go on to pack a bit of length and girth on as well as gain better EQ. What is your motivation for resorting to surgery?

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