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Fanofjack PE Campaign - searching a partner

Okay so I am glad to see someone posting something recent. I am looking for a hanging partner so to speak, and I am nominating unknown user as my cohort. I just rigged up my Bib, and decided to use the Tennis racket slip-ons (a genius find by another member) as my wrap. I also did some modifying by cutting out the rubber part on top teeth of my Bib because I think it was causing too much pinching. Some accountability will help as well. I will figure out my measurements and post by beginning pics tomorrow. My goal is to do 3- 20 minute sets in the morning and 3 more in the evening. I am studying for the bar exam, so I’ll have lots of hanging/studying time. If anyone else is interested in at least a 3 month commitment and unknown doesn’t mind perhaps we can use this thread to encourage one another and offer progress reports. Haven’t decided if it’s worth it but might involve some jelqs. If unknown objects I’ll post a new thread for all those starting an 09’ PE campaign. I am tired of reading threads exhaustively and ready to start working.

Welcome aboard, fanofjack. You do want to start a progress/thread? I’ll move your post in a new thread; let’s call it “fanofjack PE campaign - searching a partner”, that’s ok? I think you’ll find a partner.

I suppose you have done the newbie routine for at least three months?

Well good luck.

PS: you should had not say the bar thing, it’s harder to find a partner for you now.

Just kidding.

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Where did you find these tennis racket slip-ons and what exactly are you using? Thank you. Please help me.


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