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Fourth Quarter Donations

I can do this once a month…hell, it all adds up right? Peace.

Sorry a little light this quarter, T, but I have to give something.

As always, thanks again to T and all the members for making this one of the best sites on the Net.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Sure, if you don’t mind one that says McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden.

How about

Thunders Place- “I support Growth”

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Well I can only manage a bit this time Boss but had a few coppers over.

I know that you also have to pay the dues or this great site. So thought I’d join others with a small donation. But do keep on the donations guys if you possibly can!

Don't be a lurker left out in the cold. :lurk: Join the happy band of donors!

Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

It’s been a long while coming but after 3 hard years getting out of debt (not quite there yet but getting close) I am in a position to donate to an organisation I truly love being a part of.

Thank you Thunder; now I’m paying my way, I truly feel part of the family.


"Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

- Humphrey Bogart to Claude Raines, Casablanca

I don’t know how many times the wife and I had sex this weekend. It was a hell of a lot more than usual.

Before joining here, my penis would have been hurt by mid-Saturday from us fucking like bunnies. I actually thought my PE 2 year streak of no sore spots or cuts on my cock would be over. Well, no injuries to report and even the wife said, “I’m happy the “PE” has solved our problem” while we were taking a bath. I’m almost at the point of forgetting how much it really sucks not to be able to sex due to a sore spot/cut even though both wifey and I want too.

Thanks for the web site Thunder and I’m positive wifey appreciates too!


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